KKN UMM Invites Community to Make Regional Potential Branding

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 17, 2018 11:14 WIB


Beautiful: The entrance of Bukit Pelangi becomes one of favorite photo spot.

Bringing the spirit of College Tri Dharma, University of Muhammadiyah Malang students’ (UMM) are required to go directly in the community. In addition to identifying problems, students are also expected to create solutions. One of them was done through Service Community program (KKN) which was held from January to February 2018.

Bringing mission of creating service community and orientation of potential development of the region, KKN Group 3 in Wagir Kidul Village, Ponorogo Regency, has changed the appearance of pine forest becomes a tourist destination.

Not only that, this project also carried a mission to invite the community around to be active role in protecting the environment, especially the forest area.

"So, our initial step is to invite the community, especially youth to be aware of the environment and tourism potential," said Village Coordinator of KKN Group 3, Rizqi Muhammad Aziz.

The location named Bukit Pelangi was reviewed directly by members of Regional People's Legislative Assembly (DPRD) in Economic and Finance Ponorogo, Ribut Riyanto. This man was thumbs up for smart work done by group 3.

"We presented KKN UMM students’ to help the branding or even create new tourism in Ponorogo," said Ribut.

In addition to Group 3, there were also Group 17 KKN UMM which focused on agriculture. They educated to coffee farmers in Bocek Village, Karangploso Subdistrict, Malang Regency. According to Village Coordinator, Achmad Jawahir Januarestu, education conducted by Group 17 focused on the processing of coffee products.

"Our group focused on the process of processing coffee from farmers to produce by own," he explained.

Not only developing the potential of the village, but also making efforts in the welfare of human resources on the health aspect.

Kelompok 11 Desa Bambang Kecamatan Wajak Kabupaten Malang menggandeng Batalyon Kesehatan 2 Komando Strategis dan Cadangan TNI Angkatan Darat (Yonkes 2 Kostrad) dalam kegiatan edukasi pentingnya kembali memanfaatkan Tanaman Obat Keluarga (TOGA).

Group 11 of Bambang Village, Wajak District, Malang Regency, cooperated with Health Battalion 2 of Strategic Command and Army Reserves (Yonkes 2 Kostrad) in educational activity of the importance of re-utilizing Family Medicinal Plants (TOGA).

The group also hold a Home Visit to ensure that every family in the village was able to access a health care center. Working with a pharmaceutical company, they also distributed vitamins and medicines for free.

"Kimia Farma which supplied vitamins and medicines," concluded Group Coordinator of Group 11, Mohammad Afif Dzikra Ramadhan. (ard)



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