International KKN of UMM in 2018 period is Ready to Recommend Culture and Tourism of Indonesia

Author : Humas | Monday, March 19, 2018 17:29 WIB
Lots of international climates: University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) continues to develop overseas cooperation to achieve international recognition.

THE OPPORTUNITY of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) students to feel international learning climate is very wide. Various international cooperations widened by the university aimed to  broaden this opportunity. One of the things that can be followed is the International Association of Ettiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales UMM (AIESEC UMM) program, the Global Volunteer which is the annual program of AIESEC UMM, aimed to promote social activities abroad.

Interestingly, now, the Global Volunteer organized by AIESEC UMM can be equivalent to be the value of Real Work Lecture (KKN) for the participants. The program is called International KKN.

The Deputy Director II of Service Division of Research and Community Service Directorate (DPPM) of UMM, Dr. Masduki, M.Si., explained that this is a form of appreciation of the university towards students who work abroad, of course in social aspect and community service. In addition, this program provides the choice of students in running lectures especially for the implementation of KKN.

"Besides a sticky selection, there are several missions that must be brought by students in participating in international KKN, which introduce the culture, tourism, and of course UMM in the international world," said Masduki.

It is necessary to be noticed that the program is directed for all students from various departments. Similar to KKN in Indonesia, international KKN is also implemented for one month. To be a participant of it, no specific quota is specified.

"We see the animo and there is no special quota. Because later, they still have to pass the selection first," he concluded.

AIESEC UMM Vice President of Outgoing Global Volunteer, Ika Risna, added that the participants of international KKN will be deployed to Thailand in order to organize social activities in their destination city.

"For the number of groups in each city, it will not be equal because every city has different socio-cultural problems, and every problem requires different solutions to be on target and efficient," said Ika.

Setting the country of Thailand as the KKN location, Ika considered it intensively including the living cost in Thailand which is relatively cheaper than other countries in Asia.

Besides, there is a project about education that can develop the skill of UMM students. While being in Thailand, the participants will implement the project on Quality Education Sdgs 4 called the Sawasdee project.

"It can be used in Asia and Europe countries, but indeed, we suggest the living cost which is cheap and the project which is good as Sawasdee Thailand Project," said Ika.

However, Ika explained that there is a possibility if there are participants who choose other countries for conducting their KKN such as  Turkey, Ukraine, or Poland. (ard)


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