Author : Humas | Tuesday, November 24, 2009

           Agus Muhadi, (82), a former junior high school teacher who had fought for 41 years finally found “Mutiara yang Hilang/ The Lost Pearl”. He made a song sung and popularized by Vina Panduwinata in 1957. However, his masterpiece was never recognized by the public until in 1998 he ventured from Pasuruan to fight for his right as the song creator. "I do not want to be continually haunted by the lie and I finally ventured to expose the truth," said Muhadi when relaying the story of his life, Monday, (11/24) at the University Inn Hall of UMM.

           Over two hours more, Muhadi tells the story of his life fighting for his song because of being claimed by other, in the presence of about 100 activists of Student Executive Board of East Java in the event "Improving Holistic Intelligence Training" conducted by Directorate general of Higher Education National Education Department in cooperation with UMM. The event was opened by the Chairman of Private Universities Coordinator of region VII, Prof. Dr. Sugijanto, MS., accompanied by UMM Rector, Dr Muhadjir Effendy, MAP and Vice Rector III, Drs Joko Widodo, M.Si.

           Furthermore, Muhadi told in detail the process of making the song he firstly made. His inspiration came from Sumartini, his girlfriend at the time. He believed that Martini would be his wife later. Before he proposed her, Agus made a song. Her love for Martini was regarded as the pearl which has long being sought and lost. Unfortunately, before Martini heard the song, his love and proposal were rejected.

           Finally, with strong will power, Muhadi dared to fight for the truth. Started from writing reader mail, the case was stacking out in various mass media. It had passed through a long process starting from the dialogue, demanding to YKCI and bringing to justice. "I have to spend a lot of and long time until finally in 1998 the 'pearl' definitely became a right of mine," Gomez said.

           Meanwhile, Athok Miftachul Huda stated, Muhadi’s arrival was a special guest to give spirit and mental toughness for students. Questioning about holistic training, lecturers of Faculty of Health Science stated that sometimes students only educate themselves in the intellectual sphere. However, students sometimes forget that there are other things which are also important, namely to maximize and balance the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social intelligences. "Student fighting spirit must be nurtured from now on so they would not be maudlin, whining and they are easy to give up because lulled by the ease," he said.

           The event was interestingly packed with a percentage of 30% theory and 70% field practice and case settlement. Not only mental toughness, but also there were reading intelligently and writing intelligently materials, performance building and empathy building. Although it would be held for three days, Athok believed the event would run maximum because most of the material submitted with outbound methods.

           UMM Rector said, students joined Student Executive Board are the chosen students and have been entrusted to lead the organization. As an agent of change, student should maximize the holistic intelligence that has been owned by every man that later would be useful to fill and develop the nation in the future. BEM functionaries, according to the Rector, should have one level higher than ordinary students because they become as a reflection of the most students. For example, the values should be good though still active in organization, more disciplined and smart managing their time, as well as studies on time. "Not exactly the weaknesses and shortcomings that stand out, like being lazy to come to campus, untidy appearance, and the scores are mediocre, or even becoming perpetual students," added the Rector. (rka/t_alf)



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