Ridlo Setyono’s Story, Staff UMM who Introduces Muhammadiyah in Poland

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 11, 2017 11:22 WIB
Ridlo Setyono took picture at corner of the city of Lublin, Poland.

BODY was punctured like a bite of needle ice, palms were feeling cramp, both knees and mouth were numb withstand cold weather in Europe. Thus Setyono Ridlo’s story illustrated spring weather in Lublin, the 9th largest city in Poland, when he joined the Erasmus+exchange scholarship, which was sponsored by Europe union.

For peoples of tropical countries like Indonesia, to feel the spring in Europe was an exciting and challenging experience. "The activities during in Poland centered at Lublin University of Technology (LUT). Besides I was from Indonesia, other participants from France, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Kosovo, Cambodia and Honduras, "said head of Equipment and Inventory Bureau University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

Ridlo told that in his first arrival, the participants were greeted by welcoming remark from  International Exchange Education of LUT which was represented by Małgorzata Wilczyńska. Ridlo as UMM’s representative not only introduced himself and his campus, but also Muhammadiyah (an Islamic largest organization), absolutely by using English language. 

"This was the right time for me to introduce the campus and Muhammadiyah. After personal and university introducing, I added by saying that UMM was one of the largest campus, which was owned by the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah was a pioneer of education in Indonesia since 1913.vToday, Muhammadiyah has thousands of schools and higher educations, which spread throughout Indonesia, even Muhammadiyah has had opened abroad campuses like in Malaysia," Ridlo said.

Therefore, Ridlo added that for educational affair, the Indonesian government has entrusted to Muhammadiyah, it has been proved by choosen Minister of Education from Muhammadiyah’s institution. "Participants looked stunned,they were listening curiously toward my explanation about the Muhammadiyah. they were seriously following to what I’ve delivered," said the secretary of the Library and Information Assembly (MPI) MuhammadiyahRegional Chairman of Malang.

During Ridlo explained the Muhammadiyah, one of the participants from Morocco, Hanae, raised her hand and said, "I am also from Muhammadiyah. That's one of the names of city in Morocco" Hanae said.The participants had seemed curious about what was delivered. In fact in Morocco, it has already known because there was city called Mohammedia.

By Closing the his brief presentation, Ridlo delivered that UMM and Muhammadiyah were widely open to all representatives of campuses who has desire to do researching, studying, sharing and discussion about UMM and Muhammadiyah. "Hopefully, this is a one of media to introduce the Muhammadiyah to other countries that do not understand yet about this organization," he said.


The participants seemed very enthusiastic and curious about what was told by Ridlo, because he the only one participant from Indonesia. "Those who are from the Middle East appreciated and admired by saying 'Indonesia is a good country'. So, in their eyes, Indonesia still considered as a good and successful governance," Ridlo concluded (Naz)



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