Kine Klub to Release 8 Films of the Training Result

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 11, 2015 16:37 WIB


     8 short movies are to be released at BAU Hall of UMM on Tuesday (10/11). These short movies are the work of 120 students of Students Activity Unit of Sinematografi Kine Klub UMM.

     “These filmmakers are the new member who have just finished their training and film production,” said Baruna Ary Putra as Training Division Coordinator.

     The 8 films which will be played are “Judge”, “Aku Begini Aku Begitu”, “Charger”, “Akhirnya di Lift”, “Batch Out”, “Laras”, “Beser”, and “Sunnah Rasul”.

     “I really hope that they can continue learning with us at Kine to dig deeper the knowledge which we don’t know especially about films. I will make them never feel satisfied of their work so that they can continue learning and creating,” Ary asserted.

     Besides film screening there was a favorite film chosen by the audience. “Batch Out” becomes the most favorite film of the audience. Hafidz Alamudi, the film director admitted that he was very happy because he and his team had given their best in the film making process.

     “When my friends was bored with the material given at the training, I am still enthusiast in paying attention to the material. I was paying attention to every single thing the trainer said at the training. In the production time, some of the crew were sick so that we had to work very hard to back up those who were sick. I’m very happy because my film becomes the audiences’ most favorite film,” he asserted.

     Meanwhile, one of the members of Kine Klub, Yuli Lestari, was a supervisor of the “Batch Out” film production stated that their team is very serious in making that short movie. Yuli expects that the new members are still willing to make short movies even the film production takes a lot of their time.

     “I am glad they got the award so that they can be more willful in producing films,” said Yuli, a 5th semester of International Relation Study (HI) student. (nov/zul/han/t_rfd)



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