Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneurship By dr. Ruslan Jaelani

Author : Humas | Tuesday, August 15, 2017 11:59 WIB
dr. Ruslan Jaelani gives a speech during the event of Rinjani Skill Development

For doctor Ruslan Jaelani the entrepreneurial world was not just a forprofit-oriented, but also could give a benefit for others. Ruslan who was the founder of Bengkel (a place for repairing motorcycle) Rinjani University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). With his wife Bety Mahmud had successfully established 12 companies in the field of services, including gas station, cooperative, car repair place, and banking services.

It was never happen on Ruslan’s mind to be a successful entrepreneur, in addition, his profession was a lung specialist. From his wife Ruslan learned an entrepreneurship persistence. He started from small business of pharmacies that pioneered by his wife, they succeded in establishing various branches of business in Malang, East Java.

He admitted, running  business in the field of services had brought blessing for this Bukittinggi’s couple, West Sumatra. Ruslan revealed his success tips for 20 participants of Rinjani Skill Development Center class X period 2017/2018 on Tuesday, August 15. At least, there were three things that must be used as a guide for successful entrepreneurs.

"Those three principles I learned from my wife, it is very important for anyone of you who wants to start a business, namely work hard and never give up in facing difficulties, honesty, and provide the best service for customers," this 85-year-old man said.

Ruslan added honesty was the most important tool to advance a business. "If you are smart only to serve, but not based on honesty, just believe! your efforts will not grow up but to be backwards," he said.

Lastly, providing the best service for customer. By providing the best service, the business that being run will have a good effect for customers and it will continue to be trusted.

The decision for donating the Bengkel Rinjani to UMM he considered the right decision. He wanted one of the businesses he founded could be worth worship. In addition, through the professional management of UMM could advance the management of Rinjani Skill Development Center which he has initiated. (Naz)



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