The Chairman of HIPIIS: HR Development is the Real Form of Development

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 08, 2019 09:18 WIB


The greetings of the HIPIIS Chairman in the opening of National Convention HIPIIS (Photo: Rino/PR UMM)

The first National convention of the Indonesian Social Sciences Development Association (HIPIIS) holds in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Wednesday (7/8). The Chairman of the central management of HIPIIS Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy said, the discussed theme “Social Sciences Contributions in Human Resources Development for the Nation Advancement” which intended to be synchronized under the leadership of Joko Widodo 2nd period.

 “I think this is good momentum, as infrastructure development is ongoing. We (HIPIIS) should offer a suggestion on the progressing development. The development will occur along with a large scale infrastructure development in the first Jokowi Leadership,” said Muhadjir also as the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) RI in Hall Dome UMM.

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Of course, continued Muhadjir, the expected human resource development in the second Joko Widodo government era was in the context of how to optimize, capitalize, multiplayer, and multiply the benefits of existing infrastructure. Because infrastructure, he said, was basically only a prerequisite for development. As for real development, when it touches and handles human beings themselves.

Therefore we can say that infrastructure development is a prerequisite for real development. As a prayer, the infrastructure is just the ablution, then covering the aurat, but not yet the prayer itself . The prayer is when we build the human resource itself,said Muhadjir in front of the invited guests namely HIPIIS officials from 13 regions in Indonesia, social science teachers (IPS) throughout Malang Raya, and UMM academic community.

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The focus of human resource development, according to Muhadjir, the stakes are greater. Greater than infrastructure development itself. Because it develops humans, it cannot be "harvested" in a short time. But, maybe, it will only be able to be harvested in the next decade or two. "Of course this development will be a problem when the development of human resources is eagerly awaited there is no feedback from what we do," explained Muhadjir.

Thus, Muhadjir who is also the deputy chairman ofUMM Daily Board of Trustees wishes that this convention could really resulted a constructive input, criticism, and suggestions for the Indonesian people, especially input for the second period of the Working Cabinet so that it could really be in line with our national goals. “Which is creating a just and prosperous society, in accordance with the aim of our independence,he said. (joh)



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