Head of PII: Indonesia Lack of Engineers

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 24, 2019 09:49 WIB
Dr. Ir. H. Heru Dewanto. MSc. (Eng). IPU. leading the engineer inaugural. (Photo: Zaky/Humas)

Head of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) Dr. Ir. H. Heru Dewanto. MSc. (Eng). IPU., Tuesday (23/4), graduate 12 engineers from University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Engineering Faculty of Engineer Professional Program. On that occasion, Heru said that Indonesia needs more Engineer in helping the infrastructure development all over Indonesia.

From the forty Colleges (PT) that received a mandate from PII to organize a professional engineer program, they unable to meet the required amount. “In a year, it is only sixty thousand engineering bachelor graduated. It is assumed that every PT can only result in a hundred engineer. It means, from forties PT can only result in four hundred engineers,” he said.

At least there are two factors that inhibit the lack of engineer graduate in Indonesia. First, the public interest to take the Engineer Professional Program. Second, the limited PT capacity. “These problems are more and less inhibit the infrastructure development in Indonesia these days,” said Heru a University of Leeds England Alumnus, in front of Yudisium participants.

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Therefore, this man who holds a doctorate from the Faculty of Economy University Indonesia in encouraging several universities in Indonesia especially those that not receive the PII mandate. It is in order to create potential engineer graduates. Especially, they can meet the Indonesia requirements of engineering graduates amounts.

UMM Vice-Rector 1 Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si.urged the prospective graduates to continue their education to the next level. “Education in Indonesia must continue to grow,” he said. After graduating from the engineering program, this Yudisium event also graduates 147 students from faculty of engineering from the Bachelor to Diploma 3 programs. (joh)



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