As Postmodern Theory forms as Poetry

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 11, 2015 12:38 WIB
Postmodern Poetry: Sosiologi lecturer Muhammad Hayat as exhibiting his book after grand launching in UMM Helipad, on Friday Night (10/4).

Postmodern theory is not always necessarily provided through difficult philosophic concept. Instead, it could be presented through beautiful poetry. It was revealed in grand launching of book titled “Postmodern dalam Jejak Puisi: Cara Mudah Memahami Teori Postmodern” written by sociology lecturer University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Muhammad Hayat. The launching was held in UMM Helipad, on Friday (10/4).

            As result of collaborative work between Culture Institution (LK) and Center of Islam Studies and Philosophy (PSIF) UMM, this open-themed event seemed so full of literature. It was dramatized by encircling candles in Helipad surrounding and theater performance from students of Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Studies (FISIP) UMM.

            For Hayat, postmodern brings human as main concern. “By now, human has lost himself as subject in modernity affairs,” said him.

            His passion towards postmodern theory, especially in Sociology perspective, as well as his interest in poetry emerged as the basic of this book. Generally, this book is aimed to raise the postmodern substance through esthetic poetry.  

            “I see a fresh enormous interest in my class while teaching postmodern theory through poetry,” he added. Adding, he wanted to easily share the concept of postmodern without losing its substance. “The most important after all, it does not lose its substance,” he explained.

            In the reviewing section, there were two figures: religion sociologist Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin and cultural expert Dr. Arif Budi Wuryanto. According to Syamsul, this book was very unique. For him, it expressed a different way of presenting postmodern theory.

            “This book is indeed interesting. It can be said it is a pioneer in presenting postmodern theory through poetry,” said him, who just published his book “Islam Kontemporer”.

            Besides appreciating, he also criticized it. Adding, he also commented that this book should present the history of postmodern theory. Moreover, this book, according to him, tended to concern on poetical aspects rather than its theory.  

            Different from Syamsul, Arif Budi said in this book he regarded semiotic values as hyper-realistic. “Within this book, we could see imaginary-combined facts as they way how literature should be (imaginative, red). I do recommend it for them, students of sociology department,” explained him.

            By the end of this event, Hayat read loudly one of poetry within this book. “Hopefully, reader could enjoy this book. It will at least help you to comprehend postmodern theory in a different way as contemplation,” he ended. (dar/han/t_stu)



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