a Moment when Elementary School Students are Taught by a Professor

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Prof. Dr. drh. Lili Zalizar, M.Sc, taught children from elementary school. (Photo: Rino / PR)

Unimaginable beforehand by Prof. Dr. drh. Lili Zalizar, M.Sc, what would happen if a professor taught elementary school students. At the Kids on Campus event on Thursday (2/5), at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Prof. Lili felt this unusual experience.

"The way to teach elementary school students and students at university is clearly different. It is impossible for us to give a heavy theory to children, right? So its nature is motivating. It is how they know about the world of animal husbandry, agriculture, and fisheries feel fun," said Prof. Lili.

Even though happy, she admitted that she was overwhelmed to serve the questions and innocent behaviour of children from elementary schools in Malang region. Seen several times Lili must make calm the students because they did not heed her speech. Some others answered questions enthusiastically.

"Is it important for us to livestock? Of course, it's important because livestock is sufficient for our protein needs. Why do we have to raise livestock? Because by raising livestock, we can fulfil the needs of many people so we don't need to import," Prof. Lili.

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Prof. Lili is one of the professors of the UMM Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry who is concerned with increasing livestock productivity. Finally, he conducted research for the treatment and prevention of mastitis cases and produced anti-mastitis cream products.

Iwan You Ananda, a student at the Muhammadiyah 9 Elementary School in Malang City, said she was happy to become a student in college a day and learn about the world of animal husbandry, especially accompanied by a professor. This sixth-grade student had held a goat baby. (Win)




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