'KETIKA PEREMPUAN..' Potrait of Modern Indonesian Women

Author : Humas | Friday, April 23, 2010 14:25 WIB
Salah satu karya terbaik dari peserta pameran "Ketika Perempuan.."
           Ken Arok pavilion, Malang Public Library was filled with 50 photos worked by Journalistic Photography Club’s Young Members (JUFOC), University of Malang. The exhibition, themed "Ketika Perempuan.." was an appreciation of the young photographers to Indonesian women who today had joined the various fields of life.

One of women photos in that daily life was a female teacher in a primary school in Malang City. She was serious in carrying out her duties as a teacher at her age which was not young anymore. She was able to show that women were capable to perform their duties and eliminated gender bias that had always haunted the women. Various photos displayed present the phenomenon of women's diverse, ranging from a simple portrait of a housewife, a portrait of women who worked as ceramic craftswomen, laborers, traders rough, rubbish movers, carpenters, and parking lot keeper, till a top Indonesian singer.

Fendy Suprastyo, the Chief of the exhibition, revealed that the purpose of the exhibition was to raise Indonesian women’s dignity and also indicated that currently they were no longer imprisoned in a gender bias. Exhibition which was held on 14th to 17th April was also dedicated to all women in order to commemorate Kartini Day on 21st April.

Jufoc’s Chief, Aris N. Hidayat, hoped that the exhibition would be able to motivate the young members to keep creating. Photography Club, which was under the Department of Communication Studies, indeed often held exhibitions of photographs both inside the campus or Malang. They also did it in other cities such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Jakarta. (trs/jss/t_ris)



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