UMM Preparations Toward World Class University

Author : Humas | Friday, September 06, 2019 10:07 WIB
The explanations about SPMI-AMI by Dr. Munawar Kholil. (Photo: Special)

The preparation of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in applying 9 new standard criteria in the implementation of accreditation in accordance with the Higher Education National Accreditation Board Regulation (PERBAN), It was realized through Internal Quality Auditor Training and Certification (AMI) on Thursday (5/9) at the UMM Sengkaling Convention Hall.

The training which was held for three days was attended by 70 auditor candidates from PPS and PS in UMM and auditor candidates from 15 partner universities in East Java. Previously, the UMM Internal Quality Assurance Agency (BPMI) had a 2015 Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) guide.

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After the implementation of the new accreditation system, UMM through BPMI has overhauled SPMI in 2019 by paying attention to the performance indicators contained in PerBAN-PT, SN-DIkti, and international accreditation standards. Also adding the AMI method by applying risk management.

UMM Rector Fauzan gave a briefing if this activity was an effort to equalize the perception of the audit. "The existence of certainty in a process was important because it would guarantee quality continuing improvement towards World Class University," said the UMM Rector.

Fauzan hopes that the auditors in the future can continue to be the initiating force forthe improvement of their respective Study Programs and work units in UMM so that UMM's commitment on quality assurance becomes a common responsibility.

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Dr. Muslimin Machmud, M.Si as the Head of BPMI said that the training process will be continued with examinations for prospective auditors. So that those passed auditors will be certified as AMI auditors.

"Therefore, the pre-test will be implemented. The 10th audit practice of PS in UMM will be prepared as a sample on the third and last day of the post-test," Muslimin explained.

The Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board (PPM) Diktilitbang Team, Dr. Munawar Kholil, and Sulisyadi, M.Ag., and the BAN-PT assessor Dr. Ainur Rofieq were the presenters. The presented materials included SPMI-AMI, AMI Institutions and Documents, AMI Methods and Techniques, and also Case Studies / Analysis of Findings.(joh)



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