UMM Cooperating With Guangxi Normal University of China: Free Chinese Course to Scholarship

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 17, 2016 08:19 WIB
Chinese students performance

UMM made a cooperation with one of famous universities in China, Guangxi Normal University (GXNU). The Rector of GXNU, Qin Weiguo, came to UMM to sign memorandum of cooperation (MoU) on Friday (16/12). Not only the rector, but also the Director of GXNU, Dai Jiayi and Deputy Director of International Admission Office, Lin Yukun came to UMM.

There were also a presentation about scholarship and Chinese dancing performances at the Auditorium of UMM. GXNU has 22 faculties and has more than 2000 lecturers. As like UMM, GXNU also has 3 campuses which are used as places for learning activities for 40 thousands students.

Rector of GXNU said that the main focus of GXNU was the expansion of national cooperation. “Today, our university has been cooperating with 200 institutions from 40 countries.” He said when giving his speech  in front of 300 students of UMM and GXNU.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UMM Fauzan, warmly welcomed the arrival of the GXNUstaffs to UMM. Fauzan hoped that the cooperation would be in the field of education and culture.

UMM was familiar with the Chinese nuances. It was proved by the winning of UMM on Chinese Knowledge Contest which was held by Chinese General Consulate in Surabaya on October 10 to November 10, 2016.

 “UMM was the winner and only university that delegated most participants. UMM has designated 232 universities in Indonesia”

The theme of the event was China Scholarship and Cultural Performance. This event presented some dance and singing performances. One of traditional Chinese songs, Flying song, was presented by Teacher Wen ZheZhao.

Flying Song is one of the traditional songs of Miao tribe, known in Tai Jiang , Jian He, and Kai Li; southeast region of  Gui Zhou Province. This song is usually sung by young people to communicate with each other. This song is often sung in the wedding and the feast of the local area to enliven the atmosphere.

Previously, UMM and GXNU had been running a cooperation by establishing Mandarin Language Center or China Corner at Central Library UMM.

Soeparto, the Assistant Rector for International Cooperation UMM, said "Interestingly, the students who pass intermediate level in Mandarin course have opportunity to get scholarship to learn Mandarin in China. On the other hand, Guangxi Normal University sent two lecturers to teach Mandarin in UMM”. (Ich / han)



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