Being the Best Again, UMM Is Believed to be Foster Campus

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 23, 2017 12:21 WIB



THE SUCCESS of University Muhammadiyah Malang won the Award of Excellence Campus (AKU), the tenth time got the trust from the Directorate of Quality Assurance of Learning and Student (Belmawa) Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) to become Foster Campus. Joining with 26 universities in Indonesia, UMM became a foster campus for universities that still did not get A accreditation. Thus, UMM became an extension of Kemenristek Dikti to improve the quality of universities in Indonesia.

Head of BPP, Dr.Ainur Rofieq Mkes, stated that UMM had previously been given the opportunity to submit a proposal stating that UMM was ready to become foster campus for universities in cluster two and three. Based on Belmawa's direction, UMM chose two universities that would be guided in order to get better accreditation. "We chose Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) and Ronggolawe University of Tuban (UNIRO) to be a campus to be cared for," he explained.

A total of 22 courses (studies) located at the two universities would be raised to the level of accreditation. The ones that were guided, continued Ainur, was a study program that still had C accreditation. There were three aspects that became the press point of internal quality assurance system, governance, and management of accreditation of study program and institution.

For six months from June to November 2017, UMM would conduct activities that encouraged the quality improvement of 22 programs in UMSIDA and UNIRO. In cooperation with eight units of UMM quality assurance, BPPA would hold workshops, mentoring and training in managing accreditation.

Moreover, UMM would facilitate in the form of internship that would be undertaken by the two universities. "The program will be placed in a number of accredited UMM A studies for a week. The goal is in order to two campuses study more detail about the accreditation system," said Ainur.

The most important thing in the process of foster campus was the establishment of quality assurance system in the university. According to Ainur, quality assurance must be built in both the institution and the project. Thus, it would build a systematic quality assurance culture.

UMM was appointed by Kemenristek Dikti to take care of other universities not without reasons. Ainur explained, UMM institutionally had been accredited A, UMM was one of university who already had credibility in applying the above three aspects.

In addition, becoming a foster campus, UMM was also benefited. UMM got recognition from Kemenristek Dikti related to the quality of the institution. UMM indirectly introduced the system and quality to the universities all over Indonesia. "We introduce to the audience that UMM has excellent accreditation and quality, so Kemenristek Dikti gives its trust to guide other campus," he concluded. (ard)



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