Around Europe Thanks to His Father's Suggestion to Study at UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, October 20, 2020 13:36 WIB
Ivana while visiting the Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre) in Paris, France.
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Ridho Allah begins with the pleasure of parents. This belief was embedded by Ivana Nabilah Qoriroh Mujahidah, a student of the English Education Study Program, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) of all of her achievements so far. Including the opportunity to travel around Europe and experience six months of study in the blue continent. The story began thanks to the encouragement of his father, Dr. Zainul Mujahid, M.Hum., who suggested him to study at the White Campus of UMM because it is known as a campus that provides many opportunities to study abroad.

In 2019, for six months, this poetry lover was lucky to be able to convert several courses she took at the UMM Teacher Training and Education Faculty, at Universidad De Murcia, Spain. Not to waste the opportunity, Ivana also traveled to 14 countries in Europe while tracing the history of the triumph of Islam there. The story of his journey he summarized in a book that will be published soon. Daughter of Mariya Ulfa, S.E. this was chosen as one of the UMM students who succeeded in getting the Erasmus + Program scholarship.


"Initially, when I just graduated from the Islamic Boarding School Ar-Rohmah Putri High School, I was being accepted at a university in Malaysia. It Dad's wish. Suddenly, h-4 departure, Father did not allow. The reason at that time was because I had just left an Islamic boarding school (after 6 years of Islamic boarding school), and also I was a daughter. Father always said: many roads lead to Rome. Long story short, my father enrolled me at UMM. He wanted to major in Arabic, but my father wanted me to major in English Education," said Ivana when interviewed, Saturday (16/10).


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Zainul's determination to lecture the daughter at the UMM White Campus is not without reason. He tried to convince Ivana that UMM is a World Class University of which in time will take her children to fly abroad, especially to Europe. Zainul's dream came true. Previously, even while studying, UMM had brought Ivana to debate and became the Top 20 in the Bilingual Speech of South-east ASIA of PT Ihtifal ASEAN, Malaysia. Ivana also attended the same event in Singapore. Of course, with financial support from the university.

On the other hand, the best graduates of FKIP UMM at the graduation ceremony on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, were ordered by their father and mother to be always close to the Holy Quran. Not only fulfilling her mandate, Ivana even took her parents' hopes seriously by memorizing the Koran and also participating in many Quran competitions. Not a few in competitions that he won. He also claims to be a lover of poetry. This hobby passed down from the mother. Not only did he make it a hobby, but he also won many competitions. For example, become winning 1st place in Poetry Writing in the context of Airlangga Surabaya Poetry Night.

Ivana is currently listed as one of the teaching staff at MI Manarul Islam, Malang City. There are principles that he holds up to now about how a teacher should be. Ivana calls it 3 ideal keys that must internalize in a teacher. First, the method is more important than the material; second, the teacher is more important than the method; third, the spirit of a teacher is more important than the teacher himself. “The teacher must have an invisible touch. That is, a teacher must be sincere in teaching, "concluded Ivana.



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