The ESports Championship at UMM Becomes a Form of New Sports Branch Development Support

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 20, 2018 14:08 WIB


Each participant is focusing on explaining their respective games. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

Although it’s not popular enough, this sport branch is rising prestige. The electronic sports (Esports) was only an entertainment. Yet, it is changed to be a sport officially competed.


One of the Esports officially competed was held by ASIAN Games 2018. This was the way University of Muhammadiyah Malang showed its support to the Esports.


The first event was collaborated with Tencent and Tora Bika, holding PUBG Campus Championship Indonesia, Thursday (20/12) afternoon in UMM GKB IV Hall. The PUBG is recently interested in.


Although it is an exhibition or not categorized as contnen winners, this event got less participants.This condition made Student Executive Board (BEM-U) of UMM to organize it.


This championship was held simultaneously in 40 Universities in Indonesia. At UMM, only within 28 hours of registration opening, there were 112 teams registered even though the quota was only 20 teams.


So, BEM-U had to select the registrants into 20 teams only. In Malang, there were four Universities involved, namely UMM, Polinema, University of Brawijaya and UM.


The team who won would get a Grand prize of five million rupiah. Later, the teams that exceed the average score would represent UMM at the National level. Moreover, it dealt with other universities.


The President of UMM Student, Ainur Rifqi Alhamdani Rahmat stated, "This is our manifestation to support the development of E-Sports in Indonesia," he said. He was enthusiastically amazed with the participants.


Finally, Rifqy invited others to respond ESports wisely and made it a prestigious tool not just for recreation. Through this championship, people are no longer look at the eyes of the players. (ard)



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