KBA UMM Prepares Nursing Alumni To be Succeed in Career in Japan

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 15, 2018 10:55 WIB
Illustration: UMM continually nurtures the global competence of its students, faculty, and staff through various international programs
The international atmosphere continues to grow in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Not only for students, lecturers and employees, UMM alumni are also prepared to be able to face competition armed with global competence.
Following up on previous cooperation with Mate-Care CoLtd, a Japan-based hospital association, Foreign Language Training Institute (KBA) of UMM held the Opening of Japanese Language Training at Hall UMM Campus 1 on (14/5).
Participants are alumni of nursing from various high schools and universities in East Java. They will then take language coaching with certain stages up to reach the targets set and meet the requirements of departure.
Cooperated with Yayasan Duta Mandiri Indonesia (DMI), this Japanese language training program opened an intensive course for approximately 7 months, taught by Japanese Language Education's sensei alumni, from 8 am to 12 noon. In addition to the morning class, there was also a day class from 1 to 5 pm. This class is an alternative for those who cannot attend in the morning class, as there is a need for work and others.
At the end of the class, around November there will be a Japanese language test level N4. If you pass this test, at the next stage in February 2019 there will be a Japanese level N3 test. For course participants who successfully pass and finish the N3 well will be able to leave for Japan.
Director of DMI Foundation, Donny Nobri Dwiyanto, expressed his great hope that Indonesian nursing alumni can go international. Thus, when returning to the country they are able to apply their knowledge deeper and contribute to the nation. The knowledge gained during work in Japan can also be transmitted to comrades or juniors in his field, such as the experiences he has felt.
"For 14 years, I worked in Japan, my mindset and my mentality were really better trained. There are educated to really appreciate the time by emphasizing discipline, we are also encouraged to always work hard and renovate, more importantly the attitude of Japanese in respect for each other is very upheld," he explained.
Cooperation built by UMM with Mate-CareCoLtd, will empower the graduates of nursing in Indonesia, especially alumni of UMM to be able to work in elderly hospital in Japan. This cooperation took place since the MoU was implemented in November last year.


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