KASAD TNI: Fight Proxy War by Pancasila

Author : Humas | Monday, April 06, 2015 20:36 WIB

Invite Dialogue: KASAD TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo in the middle of student to be able to dialogue with them.  


This nation must be ready to face various challenges if want realize Indonesia Emas 2045. It was delivered by Chief of Army Staff (KASAD) General (TNI) Gatot Nurmantyo in front of more than 8000 students in stadium general at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Monday (6/4).

Gatot said, the war that will be faced by this nation is the energy war. Various indications that lead to that war started appear, one of them is proxy war.  

“Proxy war is war by using a third party as direct replacement of war to avoid the risk of fatal destruction,” he said.

He exemplified, loss of Timor Timur from Indonesia is a real example of proxy war. He said, Australia helped Timor Timur to secede from Indonesia because they want to control the abundant oil reserves in that area. “Xanana Gusmao in that time confirmed that it was true. That Australia was behind the loss of Timor Timur,” said Gatot.

According to him, Indonesia have strong modal it is ideology of Pancasila In order to make this state not easily to be provoked. “We have typical ideology, which does not imitate any countries. We have the way of religion that arranged by believed in one God. We have ways of social skill that regulated in fair and civilized justice. We have national spirit in Indonesia united. We have ways to state by democracy which leads by the wisdom in representative deliberation, and all of it gathered to our national purpose, to social justice for all Indonesian people,” he said.

In closing, Gatot motivated all students that fulfilled UMM Dome to actively to build this nation by knowledge that learned during the lecture. “Knowledge is not enough. Must be equipped with the faith so that knowledge is not abused,” he added.  (Humas UMM)




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