Author : Humas | Thursday, January 22, 2015 13:19 WIB
Pride: robot invented by Engineering students of UMM which became first winner in last year participates in Science and Technology Expo 2015 held by USAID in American Corner UMM, third floor of Central Library (21/1)

American Corner (Amcor) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) facilitated again a meeting between school, university and USAID in technology exhibition. The director of USAID Indonesia Andrew Sisson accompanied by USAID Indonesia Technology coordinator Emmnuela Delva visited Amcor UMM to directly see students’ inventions in Malang in terms of technology affairs, on Wednesday (21/1).

            Before these two Americans, students demonstrated their scientific works. Andrew was impressed observing the invention made by Mechanical Engineering students of UMM. It was made in form of mindset-changing game used to attract student’s interest in Mathematic.

            In another side, the invention made by students of Senior High School 10 Malang was also interesting. The jute invention as coal replacement in battery was allegedly more durable compared to common battery. “These inventions are very interesting, unique, and creative,” commented Andrew.

            The presence of Andrew and Delva was associated with planning of program named Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Malang. They strived to persuade many schools and universities to join this program.

            In a talk show discussing about Science and Technology Expo 2015, Andrew declared his plan to guide both teachers and students in establishing SMART Laboratory. It is aimed to stimulate student’s interest in Science and Research. “We would like to invite Indonesia youth to be independent in dealing and solving many problems in Indonesia,” said him.


            Added by Delva, there were so many institutions voluntarily providing both fund supports and direct technology application in Indonesia. “We monitor both teachers and students in carrying out this STEM program. Indonesia government has less concern in this thing so that we would like to help. USAID tries to fix the available financial system to be more accountable and transparent,” she ended. (sel/nas/t_stu)



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