National Character Can Be Built Through Literature

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 16, 2016 07:34 WIB

Lecturer of Indonesian Language and Literature Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling) UMM, Dr. Day Sunaryo MSi, at the seminar held by the Indonesian Masters of Education Language and Literature Indonesia UMM.

EXCEPT revealing the importance of Indonesian as the guardian of the nation integrity, the National Language and Literature Seminar held by the Indonesian Masters of Education Indonesian Language and Literature, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Tuesday-Wednesday (15-16 / 11) at the Auditorium, UMM also raised the importance of literature for building national character.

According to the professor of Faculty of Language and Art, State University of Malang (UM), Prof Dr Djoko Saryono MPd, said that copyright literature is functional enough as a vehicle for learning moral and character. Literature was also judged to be the gateway into the ethical and moral experience for students.

Unfortunately, according to Djoko, Indonesian subjects on the curriculum in 2013 is not provided literature anymore, at least it marginalize literature. "Instead, the curriculum was too laud of text-teksnon-sastrayang which is incomprehensible and unclear direction," said Djoko who is also the founder of the UM Library's Cafe.

Therefore, lecturer of Indonesian Language and Literature Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling) UMM, Dr. Hari Sunaryo MSi said that by adapting local wisdom, learning literature can strengthen national identity rooted in the indonesian values ​.

As a cultural entity, according to Day, local wisdom has been proven to have significant strategic power in maintaining and developing the culture. "By adapting creatively local knowledge into the learning system, it certainly will impact on pharmaceutics national values," said Vice Dean III FKIP UMM.

Meanwhile lecturer at the Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts, State University of Surabaya (Unesa), Budinuryanta John, affirms that learning Indonesian is not accumulated enough on learning rules and fluency, but should be oriented to the formation of indonesian personality.

To support it, said Budinuryanta, intercultural language learning needs to be developed so that students have the sensitivity and cultural awareness of
Indonesia diversity . "Even though the students were born and etched in a particular culture and society, but when learning the target language, he is opened to cultural diversity, without leaving the native cultures."

Besides the seminar in the form of plenary, this activity also includes parallel sessions presenting 35 speakers and 150 participants from various regions in Indonesia. UMM Rector, Fauzan, hopes that this seminar were able to explore the mind of academics in utilizing Indonesian language and literature to make Indonesia more civilized. (Han)



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