Kajian Ramadhan: Straightening the Islamic Radicalism

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 27, 2015 18:27 WIB

INDONESIA needs to oppose the radicalism emerging in the Middle East by publishing proper law instruments. This notion was proposed by the Indonesian Police Chief (Kapolri) General Police Badrodin Haiti in Kajian Ramadhan (Ramadhan Study) 1436 H of East Java Muhammadiyah Regional Executive Board (PWM), Saturday (27/6) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

In front of more than 3000 representatives, Haiti warned the potential danger of radicalism in disuniting Indonesia.

“Radicalism such as ISIS threatens global stability since its members come from many parts of world. It puts human rights aside and provokes Islam versus Islam,” he said.

According to him, in Indonesia, the radicalism issues had already emerged since the early time of Indonesian independence. It started with the appearance of Negara Islam Indonesia (Indonesian Islamic Nation) or NII and later being fractured into Jamaah Islamiyah. “These radical organizations taught their members to easily claim people who don’t agree with their ideology as infidel. ISIS, for example, those who disagree with them will instantly meet their ends,” he explained.  

To prevent the effect of radicalism in Indonesia, there needs to be strict rules applied in society. Haiti mentioned many people who arrested and being discovered as the sympathizers willing to join ISIS finally released since they were proved not guilty. “We finally released them but still putting them under supervision. The Indonesian Laws only punish those who are proved as guilty. This country needs strict laws in preventing radicalism,“ said Haiti.

The role of Islamic social organization such as Muhammadiyah is really crucial in re-straightening the original ideologies of society out of radicalism, which is known as ‘deradicalization’. “For those who haven’t being brainwashed yet by the radical ideology, early prevention needs to be internalized, starting from the family. The children, for instance, need to be provided by positive activities such as courses or sports,” he uttered.

The Chairman of the Central Executive Board of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin, MA said thet the ideology of Pancasila is in line with the principles of Islam. “Terrorism in Indonesia couldn’t be solved by bloodshed. It’s time to solve it in Indonesian way,” he suggested.

Besides the explanation by the Haiti and Syamsuddin, the event was also filled by the screening of Salahudin Al-Ayyubi movie by MNC TV and the launching of books by East Java PWM. “This is our annual tradition in Kajian Ramadhan to launch book. Hopefully our works can enlighten the readers,” said the Head of East Java PWM, Prof. Dr. Thohir Luth. (zul/han/t_far)


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