Won over Ubaya, UMM Won 1st Place in National Constitution Court Debate Competition

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 12, 2018 13:39 WIB

Team debate of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the 1st place of constitutional national debate competition. They admitted that they have made good preparation for this competition. One of the debaters, Ratu Julhijah said that she and her team optimized to win the competition. Ratu who is the second debater in her team, said, “All we have been through is a gift for us”.


The competition was officially closed on Tuesday (10/4). UMM beaten up University of Surabaya (Ubaya) on Grand final round. After winning over University of Khairun Ternate, UMM went to the final round. There were thirteen law experts that would assess the arguments of UMM and Ubaya. They are from prestigious universities in Indonesia such as UMM, Andalas University (Unand), Diponegoro University (Undip), University of Indonesia (UI), State University of Sebelas Maret (UNS), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), and Tarumanegara University (Untar).

As a contra team, UMM Team convinced their arguments firmly and straightforward. They had to solve a problem that involved citizens and it must be solved by social norms in society, without hurrying to judge legal punishment for the suspect. The first debater of UMM Team, Holly Muridi Zham-Zham, said, “Legal punishment is the final decision to solve a problem that cannot be solved by using norms in society”.

Responding to that statement, Ubaya Team as a pro team supported the theme of the competition, which was “Legal Punishment for Sexual Criminal Suspect Before Marriage”. The speakers of Ubaya Team conveyed that legal punishment is a pecial law that can lift up human rights. They said, “Legal punishment can lift up human right which is the main purpose of why law exists”.

Sholahuddin Al-Fatih as the coach of UMM team said that he no longer doubts about his students’ abilities. It is because UMM team has won People’s Consultative Assembly Debate Competition in Surabaya. Sholahudin said, “I do believe that my students can win this competition”.

Meanwhile, the second winner is Ubaya and the third winner is Unhas. Finally, this competition which was held by Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia was over. This is as a brilliant achievement of UMM as the host of the event. (lus)



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