Won the Kemenristekdikti Peksiminas, UMM Law Student: Dangdut Is in This Soul

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 15, 2018 15:40 WIB
Wahid after achieved a trophy. (Photo: Special)

UMM Law Student, Mochammad Abdul Wahid was recently announced as the first winner of dangdut single singing contest at National Student Art Week (Peksiminas) on October 4. Held in Yogyakarta, this event made Wahid happy because he only got the second place at the Kemenristekdikti event in the previous year.


The man who dreams to become a law enfercor claimed to run his career in singning since she was at the third grade of Senior High School (SMA). Wahid used to perform in regional to national dangdut competition. In some ways, he performed on the television program, such as I Can See Your Voice, Kilai Dangdut Mania Dadakan (DMD) and Tarung Dangdut on JTV. At Peksiminas 2018, Waid met with various representative form state and private universities who represented their province.


Wahid admitted that the performance from each regional was great. Every session, said Wahid, became a thrilling moment. Wahid has already well prepared before the competition. For Wahid, the rehearsal is not only when he will join a competition but more that that. Rehearsal is the routine activity to hone skill continually. The man who also come from Sidoarjo admitted to like pop, rock, metal and sholawat music.


When he asked why dangdut is not listed in his favorite music, he answered, “no question for dangdut, it’s in this soul,” he laughed. Wahid shared tips to be excellent in every performance. “Master the material as best as possible. when singing, maximize the rehearsal of the song and feel as deeply as possible,” said the student who now is seriously raising Student Activity of UMM Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an. (UMM PR)



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