Write about the Post-Menopause, Win the Writing Competition

Author : Humas | Monday, December 07, 2009


TheUMM team won the 1st and 2nd place of the Student Scientific Writing competition for IPA category in East Javascale. Another team of UMM also won the 5th placeon IPS category, in the same place. The event themed "Pendidikan dan Teknologi sebagai Basis Pengentas Ketertinggalan Masyarakat Jawa Timur” was held by the East Java Education Department and participated by 30 universities in East Java, on Saturday (11/21).



DyahAyu Shinta, Eka Nur Fafa, and Arafat, were the UMM students of 2007 class, beat UB, University of Widya Mandala Surabaya, and Malang ITN. Took "Potensi Isoflavon Fitoestrogen dari dalam Mencegah Disfungsi Endotel pada Wanita Pasca Menopause”, Shintaand her team became the winner.

"This year, four of six teams are qualify to be the nominee. UMM can get maximum results and thank Allah, our team won the first winner,"she said proudly.

Further, Shinta said that post-menopause women were feared of endothelial dysfunction, namely the imbalance between relaxation and contraction of blood vessels. When menopause occurred, the contraction got bigger because the estrogen in body had down, so the relaxation of blood vessels also decreased. The low estrogen caused the increasing of blood pressure and heart disease.

"The low estrogen caused many diseases and bithok contains isoflavon which is structurally similar to estrogen," she explained. Actually, isoflavones could be obtained in soybeans, but bithok had much more levels of isoflavones. Soybeans have 37.300-187.000 micrograms/100 grams, while dry bithok has 197.600 micrograms/100 grams. Pueraria lobata or bithok can be found in East Java, especially in Madura Kangean. In East Java, bithok is already widely consumed, for it was sweet.

"Hopefully,the work we made can be an input. During this time, bithok is just eaten with no proper dosage and applied medical science,"she concluded.

Another UMM team was Zaqia Nur Fajarini and Ifan Prasetya, the Biology department students, and Nuro Laili Iktikaviana, student of PGSD department. The team, chaired by Zaqia, wrote about God Mushroom, a natural solution inhibitors for HIV/AIDS. UMM also completed the victory by grabbing the 5th place of IPS category. It was achieved by Primawati and Mutho'in Amin, the English department students.(rka/t_ris)



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