The Massage from UMM Student, the Champion of Java-Bali Ghina Araby

Author : Humas | Friday, October 04, 2019 16:15 WIB
Al Amin Letsoin UMM students from Nabire who won the Ghina’ Araby on Festival Araby 2019 (Photo: Special)

"There is one thing that I planted in my heart, which is don’t easily get high hearted or arrogant. Because when you've won, you have to keep practicing and mastering the material. Most people, when theywon something, mostare arrogant and sees others under them," said Al Amin Letsoin.

Continued by this student from Nabire, Papua Province, this arrogant attitude and big head made people become arrogant so they did not want to practice and did not want to develop themselves to become morethan before. "Something like this must be avoided. Even though we are champions, we have to keep practicing," said Al.

So when choosing an Arabic song, Al must know and be able to see which parts can be raised and add some improvisations. "Now, the Arabic song improvisation has a lot of curves and twists. I can't match the way they sing like they are. So I have to find something that is truly appropriate," he continued (3/10).

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Al, who has participated in many singing competitions, is sitting in the seventh semester of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), winning first place in the Ghina ’Araby competition for students and the general public in Java-Bali. Al won the 2019 Araby Festival by singing Rouhi Fidak song.

"Actually there are seven songs prepared by the committee. Since there were so many and many participants, only one song was chosen by the participants. The song that I brought meant more to sholawat because itis about love to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Ilove the meaning,"said Al.

The man who is also often called Amin managed to set aside seventies contestants with various age backgrounds. Starting from students of MTS, MA, until college students and the general public are combined into one in Java-Bali. While the 2nd and 3rd place was won by Lailatul Badriyah Fahum and Hadi Asrori Fahum from UIN Malang.

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By bringing the big name of UMM, Al together with a colleague named Zaki Anwar (from the Faculty of Islamic Studies of UMM) took part in the same category as Ghina 'Araby. Al himself is a student of the English Language Education Department (Prodi) of Teacher Trainingand Education Faculty (FKIP) UMM.

Not only the Ghina Araby competition category, but many categories also competed. Namely Imatoh Category, Khitobah Category, Taqdimul Qishoh category, Calligraphy Category, Syrian Qiraatus Category, Qiraatul Kitab Book, and Scientific Munadhoroh category which took place at Sunan Ampel State Islamic University (UINSA), Surabaya.

"I hope, in the future UMM can produce a lot of potential as a Ghina Araby singer. And for activities like this it is expected to be a place to develop Arabic language skills forthe students," he concluded. Al emphasized again to never be arrogant. (joh)



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