A Bridge for Alumni Career, UMM Held a Job Fair and Entrepreneur Expo

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 14, 2017 15:48 WIB
Several UMM alumni were applying job in a company in Job Fair and Enterpreneur Expo at Hall Dome UMM (14/12). (Photo: Beni Humas).
AS the form of responsibility of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in the 'release' of alumni, today (14/12) it was held a Job Fair and Enterpreneur Expo in Hall Dome UMM.
The event was initiated by Student Entrepreneurship and Alumni Development unit (PKMA) to accommodate UMM alumni in climbing the higher level of working world.
Not only 25 BUMN companies from Malang Raya, they were also engaged in banking, hospitality, finance, telecommunications, services and transportation. The event was enlivened by the presence of UMM student and alumni bazaar.
Head of Student Entrepreneurship and Alumni Development (PKMA), Fien Zulfikarijah, said that Job Fair which is a routine agenda of PKMA is a bridge between UMM alumni and companies.
"Of course, this also helps the government in solving employment problems," said Fien.
In addition, UMM as a university attempted not only to accept students, but also to provide facilities to alumni to apply and get a job. One of them is holding this event.
Interestingly, this was not only crowded by the job seekers, but also the job creators i.e. young entrepreneurs from UMM within the scope of Enterpreneur Expo. Fien mentioned, these Fair and Expo made alumni can find the desired job. On the other hand, the company attended can also obtain the appropriate workforce criteria, so both can be aligned. Furthermore, Fien hoped that in the future, there would be wider cooperation between UMM and companies. One of them is in terms of student apprenticeship, audiences and research.
One of the job seekers who attended, Aulia Rahmawati expressed her interest in Job Fair held by UMM. The alumnus of Communication Studies Program of UMM admitted that Job Fair gave an insight into the work to be chosen.
"There are some companies that have been looked and applied in. Hopefully, in the future, UMM Job Fair will bring more various companies," said Aulia. (ard)


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