Answering the Independent Campus Challenges, UMM Lecturer Team Offers Digitalization Curriculum through Lective Technology

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:57 WIB
Galih Wasis Wicaksono, M.Cs. accompany the UNIROW educational staff. (Photo: Special)

One of four main policies of the Merdeka Campus proclaimed by the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) of the Republic Indonesia is the students right to study outside of their study programs, equivalent to 40 credits, and students can sit in other study programs on campus for one semester. So the students can take 3 semesters outside the study programin total.

The main thing that affected from the policy is the study program curriculum. Every study program is required to design a curriculum that is always up-to-date and adaptive to changes and to the needs of the business world and the industrial world. On the other hand, the curriculum also becomes one of the standardized aspects of quality through Permendikbud no. 03 of 2020 concerning National Standards of Higher Education. The curriculum is also a condition of accreditation of a study program in the new IAPS accreditation 4.0 instrument.

The challenge prompted the Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) Community Service Team to organize a training on technology-based tertiary curriculum with Lective ( Lective is an appropriate technology of superior research results from universities that provides facilities for each study program to design curriculum digitally. Curriculum preparation with Lective is carried out comprehensively and systematically starting from filling out the results of tracer study analysis, designing the profile of graduates and learning outcomes of graduates.

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The next step is to trace and add quality on the study materials that can meet the learning outcomes of graduates. Lastly, forming a course based on the study material that has been grouped before. The system also provides recommendations for Course Credits quality automatically based on the results of the calculation of the qualityof the study material.

Through the Competitive Scheme Internal Community Service Program (PPMI), the UMM community service team collaborated with the University of PGRI Ronggolawe (UNIROW) Tuban. The team consisted of 3 lecturers across study programs namely Galih Wasis Wicaksono, M.Cs. (Informatics), Komariah, M.Si, M.Hum (Legal Studies) and Dr. Hari Windu Asrini, M.Si (Indonesian Language and Literature Education), held a Lective training activity on Thursday 20/2/2020 at the UNIROW Campus in Tuban, East Java. The training activities were attended by all Deans and Heads of Study Programs at UNIROW.

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The activity was opened by the Rector of UNIROW, Prof. Dr. Supiana Dian Nurtjahyani, M.Kes. In herremarks, the Rectorof UNIROW welcomed the implementation of the activity. "Hopefully, through this activity, UNIROW can meet the challenges ahead in implementing the Campus Merdeka, where students are given the freedom to be able to take 40 credits outside their study programs in various forms through adaptive curriculum design," said the UNIROW Rector.

During the training activities, structural officials in the UNIROW environment were guided in practicing the use of the Lective system. Galih Wasis Wicaksono as a representative of UMM and the founder of Lective explained the benefits of Lective for the study program.

After the entire curriculum preparation process with Lective is carried out, the system will visualize the relevance of the graduate profile with learning outcomes, as well as the courses that support the achievement of learning outcomes through study material forming subjects. "This visualization is certainly very helpful for students to choose which courses will support the expected competencies, so that it strongly supports the application of an independent campus," he said. (joh)



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