Jamroji, The One Who Contributed to Red Jacket Mob UMM Which Viral on Social Media

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 05, 2018 17:27 WIB
Jamroji, the one who conributed to Red Jacket Mob UMM.

The presence of seven masterpieces of flashmob formation on Introduction of Studies to New Students 2018 (Pesmaba) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) which viral on social media was due to a cold hand lecturer of Communication Science Study Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UMM, Jamroji, M.Comms.

Because of his creativity, this Curtin University Australia alumni has successfully made images and writing by moving more than 7,500 new students in a number of formations. Remarkably, to form the seven formations namely Red-white, KH Ahmad Dahlan, UMM, Logo, Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow, Map of Indonesia and Pray for Lombok, Jamroji did not need special knowledge. He admitted that he was self-taught.

"I learned the flashmob through self-taught. I found an effective, efficient and precise way to make these formations," Jamroji explained, Wednesday (5/9).

Being the fourth flashmob, Jamroji claimed that the preparation made were short. It totally took six days only. Through the help of 20 Communication Science students, he also executed the concepts approved by the campus to be realized.

"Because this was the fourth and the same place, so the preparation was short. I got an assignment letter on August 20, 2018. Then, I started making six sketches on a computer within two days. After the sketch was approved, the team and I did griding in Helipad," said the man who was also the initiator of Jodipan Colorful Village.             

Although it was not the first time, Jamroji admitted, it was not easy to perfect a flashmob. In executing this project, he needed to involve around 20 UMM Communication Science students to help from the design process to structuring the new student position. According to him, the hardest thing was the process of matching the sketch formation with the grid in Excel.

In addition, the griding process in Helipad also had its own challenges because it was needed a precision and diligence in installing more than 7,000 duct tape as a marker of formation. "What is not less difficult is to arrange the line for thousands of new students," he added.

Having a distinctiveness compared to other flashmob, UMM still maintained the tradition without visual aids. UMM Flashmob utilized the attributes attached to new students only, namely white uniform, alma mater and hat. This iss why UMM flashmob is called as the Red Jacket Mob.

Not only making formations, but Red Jacket Mob also carried various messages to a wide community. One of them was Pray for Lombok followed by donations for Lombok. "This is to show our concern for this country. We will donate through Lazismu," said Jam.

Successfully creating creative works through Pesmaba Flashmob and Jodipan Color Village, Jamroji is now preparing another mega project, namely Discover Gresik with the target of transforming an ordinary into a various tourist concept area. (PR UMM)



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