Preserve Brantas River’s Ecosystem: From Planting Trees until Stocking Fish Seeds

Author : Humas | Monday, December 23, 2019 11:55 WIB
The process of fish seeds stocking. (Photo: Rizki/PR UMM)

Cleaning up the river as a concern for waste action, making various elements involved in the field. This action was carried out by a group of masses who were members of the Green Nature Awareness Movement. This cross-border synergy consists of elements of TNI-Polri, Academics, Institutions, Mass Organizations and Media throughout Malang Raya. Located in the Brantas River Basin (DAS), West Parking Area of Sengkaling.

"Our goal, not just greening, is of course that TNI and the People can blend and unite, especially in greening and cleaning up along the river. When we preserve nature, they will take care of us," said PFC Catur Slamet Riyanto the Territorial Staff of Medan 1 Artillery Regiment Unit, Sunday (12/22).

By maintaining river cleanliness, continued Catur, moreover, the Brantas watershed located in Sengkaling is a vital part because it is located in the upper reaches of the river. Tree planting was carried out along the river with TNI, citizens, communitiesand the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) extended families.

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One of the citizens who helped in cleaning the river. (Photo: Rizki/PR UMM)

"If the upstream clean, surely the downstream will follow. Moreover, sengkaling is not only the vital or upstream part of Brantas but as a tourism area, of course, we will be the center of people's attention. If the area is clean, it will certainly become a model. Therefore we clean upstream first, after that, we slowly do the progress in the downstream," said Catur on the activity.

Not only planting trees, but endemic animal seeds are also sown. "This is greening along the banks of the Brantas River in the villages of Mulyo Agung or Sengkaling with a radius of 2 KM. Fish seedlings are also spread, namely mujaer, wader, Tawes which later on when the fish are big, itcan be enjoyed by residents," said Dwi Rubini, Head of RW 8 Hamlet Sengkaling, Mulyo Agung Village.

Followed by dozens of participants, through this activity it is hoped that all elements of the community remain aware of the importance of putting garbage in its place. In addition to disposing of garbage, greening and maintaining endemic animalsare also important, so that it is sustainable between living things and nature. (joh)



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