Becoming Role Model Film Indonesia, Kine Club Holds MAFI Fest 2018

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 05, 2018 14:30 WIB
Special Staff of Ministry of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Public Communication, Nasrullah was opening Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest 2018) at Teathre Dome UMM.
Cinematography Student Activity Unit of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UKM Kine Klub UMM) held a film festival again which was awaited by young filmmakers all over Indonesia, namely Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest 2018). The fifteenth-century festival continually brings new innovations every year.
MAFI Fest which is headed by Kine Klub UMM is a pioneer community of film in Malang Raya up to national level. This is evidenced by the inclusion of MAFI Fest to be a finalist in the Indonesian Film Appreciation (AFI) category of Best Local Film Organizer at local and national level. In line with this, Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy expressed his appreciation to Kine Klub UMM and advised to be consistent to become role model of film industry in Malang even national.
"In Malang, Kine Klub UMM is a pioneer of film to bring Eagle Awards held several times here," said Muhadjir in guest lecture together with the Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (Bekraf RI).
This time, MAFI Fest 2018 is bringing "Virtual Diorama" as the theme. This theme is aimed to find creative and critical ideas about the social situation in Indonesia today. Counted, there are 416 films were signed up and 20 of them were escaped curation for later contested.
According to one of the judges MAFI Fest 2018, Nashiru Setiawan, the assessment of films that have entered the curation was not only in terms of cinematography but also on how packing the message as well as conveying criticism in short films.
"The assessment stage not only focuses on cinematography but also the urgency of the message conveyed and how it was delivered in a short duration," explained one of the documentary film jury.
MAFI Fest 2018 is not only presenting the film competition but also interesting programs that bring film maker with the audience, including Apresiasi Room, Community Gathering Program, Curatorial Program, Focus On, Session Ngalam, and Sinau Documentary Class.
The four-day event Wednesday-Saturday (04-07 / 04) was officially opened by Special Staff of Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Public Communication, Nasrullah. The inauguration of the event was marked by the submission of a film copy grant of fifteen copies from Kemendikbud. The books are donated to Kine Klub UMM as a form of appreciation and consistency of Kine Klub UMM in holding MAFI Fest and making this title as the oldest film festival in Malang.
"We ( grant the film books published by Kemendikbud as a form of appreciation on this title which is continuously committed to educate the public about cinema," explained Nasrullah.
In addition, MAFI Fest also become a venue for young beginners and advanced even professionals. According to one member of the prestigious film preview team GoodWorkID, Novi Andri Hanabi, the existence of MAFI Fest gives a considerable contribution in educating young filmmakers and movie lovers.
"The existence of MAFI Fest is very good in the role of educating the filmmaker and the audience to appreciate the film itself," said Novi. (ard)


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