Favorite University, First-period Applicants are Significantly Increased

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 30, 2015 12:36 WIB
Fresh students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as participating a grand opening of Study Introduction (Pesmaba).

Approaching to first admission closing on May 9th, 2015, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) remains becoming favorite university. By now, on Thursday (30/4) the total of applicants has reached 9.348. It is drastically increased up to 60 percent compared to last year. 

       Head of Student's Admission Unit (UPT PMB) Dr. Ir. Ermanu Azizul Hakim, MT. said that the applicants were registered from two different ways, which are invitation admission and regular admission. 

       "From invitation admission which has been closed on last April 10th, there are 5.621 applicants. Meanwhile, in regular one, the applicants have reached 3.727. InsyaAllah, it will be increased gradually until it is closed on May 9th," said Ermanu as being met in his office, this morning. 

       Accordingly, UMM has become main preference for applicants in choosing targeted university. "It has been recognized through the increase of applicants. This year, it reaches up to 60 percent compared to last year," he added. 

       The admission simplicity, adding, also significantly affects the increase. "Now, all admissions have been set online for both invitation admission and regular one. For the admission attachments, they could be sent through mail, email, or directly given to UMM Student's Admission Office," said him.   

       The announcement of invitation admission will be conducted on May 2nd. The written test of first regular admission will be held on next May 11th. Ermanu asked applicants to learn about tested materials in written test. 

       "For the written test, it covers academic potency test, Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mathematic. For those choosing Natural Science (IPA), there are Biology, Physics, and Chemistry for additional tests. While, for those choosing Social Science (IPS), there are Sociology, Economy, Geography, and History one," explained Ermanu. 

       All announcements and information related to UMM Student's Admission can be accessed in http://pmb.umm.ac.id or PMB Call Center in 0341-463513. "For those who will be facing written test, please be well-prepared. Never be cheating," he ended. (zul/nas/t_stu) 



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