Becoming Young Entrepreneur, Ready to Face the MEA

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 28, 2015 13:46 WIB

Being an entrepreneur becomes part of Riris Fifantoro Wijaya’s life. He was born in Wamena, February 20, 1990. He is the best graduate of UMM 78’th Graduation from Information Engineering Study Program (TI). Since 2009, he has started his business in internet. Being bombarded with the question’Where do you study?’ by his customers, he finally decided to study in university.

  Having a business while studying in the University of Muhammadiyah malang (UMM) did not prevent him getting a high GPA and winning a competition. With a GPA of 3.97, he was crowned as the best graduate of UMM 78th Graduation 2015. He also won the Cyber Defence comompetition with his team.  “I didn’t join many organization at the time of my study due to my business and my job as Infokom laboratory assisstant,” he said.

In running his business, which is called RT/RW net, this son of Sukarjan (Dec) and Sri Hariyati cooperated with a Kenyan student who studied in a state university in malang. “He was constrained by language back then, and later he offered me proposal of partnership. Finally, we have this enterprise called Indoken, the abbreviaton of Indonesia-Kenya,” he said.  

During his time running his business, not all the things went well. He once suffered from loss at the early time. “I got my capital from  a relatives. What took the biggest amount of spending was the investment of the equipments. It took about 7 million rupiahs to build a tower. So, I had a principle of cooperation in starting a business. I firstly provided the internet for the customers. That what was important. I think all the benefits and fortunes have been already set by the Almighty,” he said.

For his persistence in the business, he made approximately 5 millions rupiahs in a month as turnover. Besides internet business, he also developed travel-agent business which made the same amount of turnover. “For this ticketing business, I cooperate with one of the mining company in North borneo,” he said.

Being asked about his opinion about ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), he stated that he is ready with the challenge offered by it. According to him, in order to be capable in competing, people should dare to be entreprenour since the time studying in university. ‘Try to create our own opportunities from all around us. Be serious and mean it,’ he suggested.

Moreover, he also created an android application for public transportation (angkot). He explained that this application is the product of his final project. This application will ease people to contact angkot drivers according to their destination. “For now, it is designed for Landungsari Terminal routes only, and it is only for simulation. Realizing it requires permission from respective departments and the assosiation of angkot drivers,’ he explained.


Nevertheless, it is possible for this appliccation taking an official lunch. “A friend of mine continues my reserch . I hope that the application can be realized someday,” he wished. (zul/nas/t_far)



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