Become A Panelist, UMM Rector Asks Paslon East Java Cagub-Cawagub How More Productive Age to Better Quality

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 11, 2018 15:53 WIB
The election of East Java Governor (Pilgub Jatim) is getting closer. A series of rituals for democracy party in East Java (East Java) become more crowded. One of them was holding of East Java Pilgub Election Debate by East Java Election Commission in Dyandra Convention Hall Surabaya, Tuesday (11/4). Carrying the People's Welfare Theme, Rector of UMM, Fauzan was chosen to be one of four panelists in the debate.
As the panelist, Fauzan had the opportunity to question both candidate pair (Paslon) number 1, Khofifah Indar Parawansa and Emil Dardak and Paslon number 2, Saifullah Yusuf-Puti Guntur Soekarno. On the occasion, Fauzan asked how each Paslon to maximize the role of the nation's successors, especially youths in contributing to Indonesia.
"The emphasis is on how they can prepare this generation of productive age to be a mainstay in this demographic bonus era," said Fauzan.
Both Paslon looked very enthusiastic in answering the question, even a very exciting debate took place on stage. Cagub Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that her office will focus on millenial jobsenter.
"If we are given the mandate to lead East Java, we will focus on millenial jobsenter. The tourism sector will be our mainstay, SMK Tourism, IT and Hospitality will be strengthened. In the sector, we will give scholarships," she said.
Meanwhile, from Paslon number 2, Cagub-Cawagub Syaifullah Yusuf-Puti Guntur Soekarno also claimed that he had prepared a special program for millenial generation.
"We have a Masmetal program or a Digital Melek Society for young and creative young people. We will also support the internet for young people in East Java, "said Syaifullah Yusuf or hyang familiar called Gus Ipul.
According to Fauzan, the second answer to the paslon is not able to give a full picture, but he believes both have a real program for millennial generation. Just because of time constraints, the answers are not complete. Fauzan also hoped, what the two Paslon delivered can give an idea for the community to assess cagub-cawagubnya.
"We hope that the East Java Pilgub will be an example and a reference for this debate is very constructive .. The people of East Java who will judge the answers given by Paslon are not for panelists, but for the wider community," he concluded. (rin / sil)


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