Became National Coordinator of IMAMUPSI, This Student decided to socialize Islamic Psychology

Author : Humas | Thursday, January 03, 2019 16:14 WIB
Alfi (right corner), photo with the founder and former National Coordinator IMAMUPSI. (Picture: Special)

Alfiesyahrianta Habibie, a Psychology student at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was selected as National Coordinator of the Indonesian Psychology Muslim Students Association (IMAMUPSI) Center for the 2018/2019 Period. Alfi, his nickname, was confirmed at the National Conference of IMAMUPSI IX that held at Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Bandung on December 22-23.

Previously, Alfi who was the Chairman of the Islamic Psychology Study Group (KSPI) IMAMUPSI UMM was delegated as a candidate of committee along with 20 other candidates from various state and private universities in Indonesia. Among them were Gajah Mada University, Padjajaran University, University of Indonesia and other universities that were members of IMAMUPSI.

Alfi said that he was elected as the national coordinator because of the length of his membership status, compared to other candidates. In addition, there was a good reputation IMAMUPSI UMM several times became a national coordinator. "A good reputation is shown by members that active in several activities. Moreover, IMAMUPSI UMM has also been involved in the establishment of IMAMUPSI itself, "he added.

With this opportunity, Alfi was determined to improve scientific quality, especially in scientific research. This will be realized at the close of the National Conference which will be held in Malang in the near future. It was by presenting a symposium with IMAMUPSI member speakers themselves, as well as a number of national figures in Islamic Psychology.

In line with the IMAMUPSI mission that can socialize Islamic Psychology as scientific discourse, Alfi hoped that its members can add writings related to Islamic Psychology in the form of opinions and research. "I hope the collection of writings from members can publish books on the theme of Islamic Psychology. So that it can be distributed to the general public, "he said.

Not only that, in the future Alfi will establish and strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah between the Islamic PsychoIogi Study Group, so can find new solutions and ideal for Islamization of science especially in the field of Psychology. "With this, I want to involve members in various phases of the development of Islamic Psychology," concluded the 2015 class student. (Win)



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