Becoming Youth Favorite, Novel of UMM Student Was Appointed to Widescreen by Multivision

Author : Humas | Friday, March 02, 2018 14:33 WIB
Luluk FH and her three works. One of Luluk's novel entitled EL was purchased Multivision production house and appeared on the screen soon in 2018.
The mission of love literacy is not only activated by the campus. The spirit to enliven the literacy also grew in University of Muhammadiyah Malang(UMM) students. One of them is Hidayatul Fajriyah. The name is probably not familiar. However, mentioning Luluk HF, almost all novel Teenage Romance genre fans feel familiar. Hidayatul Fajriyah or commonly known as Luluk HF is one of young talented novel writers.
This Lamongan girl has produced four novel works titled Delov, Devil Enlovqer, Genpro and EL. The proud, her novel entitled EL just got a chance to be appointed to the widescreen movie with the same title by the famous production house, Multivision.
Furthermore, the film is produced by Amrit Punjabi and directed by Findo Purwono HW. The actors and actresses are Achmad Megantara and Aurelie Moeremans.
"It's hard to believe my novel will be filmed, but I cannot afford to waste this opportunity. The EL film plan will be the premiere gala at the cinema this year," said the student of Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business UMM.
Luluk HF admitted, writing hobby has grown since she was still in high school. Unfortunately, she once could only publish his work on blogs and facebook. Today, there was a national publisher seeing the power of the story of her writing talent.
Delov, Luluk's first novel was published. Unexpectedly, the response was extraordinary. After the publication of Delov, other novels were printed one by one.
"In 2013, I get contract offer to publish any posts on the blog become a novel. Finally, I agree. In 2014, it was published my first novel entitled Delov," said Luluk.
Although her name is increasingly popular and his work is well liked by many people, Luluk does not want to stop. She continues to sharpen her ideas and find new story ideas. In 2018, a novel entitled Mariposa will also be posted soon.
Inviting other youth to work, Luluk shared writing tips. According to her, with a serious effort then the ability to write will be honed.
"Writing is not easy, but there are 4 keys to be able to write well that is intention, effort, prayer and consistency. If these four points can we hold strongly then we will be able to write well and not easily give up," said her, SMAN Kebomas Gresik alumni. (ard)


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