Istisbaroh, the New Director of UMM Inn

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:24 WIB


After successfully held the name change of Education University Inn Hotel became UMM Inn, the UMM Rector Muhadjir Effendy, announced a new director of UMM Inn, Istisbaroh. A lecturer of Agriculture and Livestock faculty who replaced Ruth Juliati, was given a new mandate as the Chief of Management department for master program. The Rector's Decree dated 9th of January 2010 was a starting point of Istisbaroh’s new duty at UMM Inn.

"Thanks to Mrs. Ratih for her success making the UMM Inn more advanced and better. I hope she will still provide her supports and input for the UMM Inn development," said the Rector when he gave his speech.

Rector thought this handover something natural. He also thought Ratih deserved the new position. He chose Istisbaroh for she was familiar with the UMM Inn environment, so she did not need to adapt with this any longer.

"Last year, it was a good hotel. I hope it can achieve more that last year’s achievement,” said the rector without mentioning the target achievement.

The concept was adapted from the hotel education at the University of New York and Harvard University. The hotel was founded in 2005 shortly before the 45th Muhammadiyah Congress. The congress was the most modern and most successful in history during this Muhammadiyah period.

Besides the hotel, UMM also had other business centres. There were UMM Dome, UMM Medical Center, UMM Bookstore, UMM Yamaha Workshop, and UMM PLTMHP. The UMM Academic Hospital and gas station will be built soon. "When people are busy talking about BHP Laws, we have started to build the business centres to support the university financially. Those centres are also established the entrepreneurial atmosphere for the UMM students and lecturers," added the Rector. (nas/t_ris)

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