Fill the Independence with Hard Work Ethics

Author : Humas | Saturday, August 21, 2010 12:36 WIB


          The tradition of Birthday Anniversary (HUT) of Proclamation of Independence at UMM continues. Although it was coinciding with the holiday, no fewer than 700 employees, lecturers and UMM student functionaries followed the flag raising ceremony at the helipad on Tuesday (08/17). Ceremony led by Vice Rector (PR) II, Drs. Mursidi, MM, replacing the rector, Dr. Effendy Muhadjir who was unable to come because it was along with receiving the award at UM Satya Badge.

            In his speech, Mursidi asked of recalling the struggle of our ancestors. The struggle of heroes were deserved to be remembered and used as the spirit to move forward in working according to their respective fields. "Independence is the grace of God. Therefore, we must be thankful for that grace by cleverly filling this independence. It is because we are the lucky ones for we can work in this institution, while there are still many who are not lucky enough in their lives," he said.

          To the academic community of UMM, Mursidi noticed to meet this 2010/2011 academic year by working hard and giving best service for example by providingreliable service or appropriate with the promise of qualified education. Then, with full of responsibility, we must work fast and responsive to the needs of stakeholders. We need also to strengthen our insurance of knowledge to the academic product. "Besides, we must show the empathy, giving attention to the individual student needs," PR II continued his speech.

          The UMM campus, continued Mursidi, is a tangible asset that can be proud of. Therefore, whatever is in it should be able to be proved to the public that its services could be felt.

          Mursidi also stressed to keep improving the image. All our self-actualizations should be directed to the good image of university, not vice versa. Image is related with a trust continually built. So, said PR II, we must be ihklas (sincere) in work, must love the job, must be istiqomah (consistent), and must have willing to sacrifice.

          According to PR II, ikhlas is a unification of efforts between the body and mind for one purpose. Spiritual and physical activity should be similar. Meanwhile, istiqomah is to love the job and be diligent. From those things, we can hope to gain added value of material and non material. However, it was not enough without willingness to sacrifice time, energy and mind.

         The ceremony lasted for 30 minutes. The commander of the ceremony was Vice Dean III of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Drs. Nur Widodo, M. Kes. Meanwhile, the Opening text of the Constitution of1945 (UUD 1945) was read by Dean of Engineering Faculty, Ir. Sudarman, MT. The reader of proclamation text was the secretary of BPH, Drs. Wakidi, and the reader of prayer was Drs. Abdul Haris, MA.

         The flag rising was successfully handled without any mistakes. It was because ofserious exercise despite of very short preparation. Three women who were in charge of flag rising were women securities of UMM, those are Nia Siti Aisyah, Solikatul and Lilik Yuliati. They accompanied by the national anthem Indonesia Raya performed by UMM Student Choir (PSM) Gita Surya. (trs/nas/t_alf)




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