The Innovation of UMM Automatic Information Machine Makes Students Easier to Finish Thesis

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 29, 2018 13:02 WIB

Mathematics Education Department which was established in 1983 of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) provides new facility for its students. Mathematics Education Department launched AIM (Automatic Information Machine).

AIM can make the communication between and department easier. Dr. Moh. Mahfud Effendi, M.M as te Head of Mathematics Education Department said, “Communication is important. That is why we create this tool”.

All information related to the department activities are provided on AIM system, including thesis guidance schedule for students who are taking thesis. Mahfud said, “The students can access it by themselves. They can make thesis guidance schedule through this tool without having to stick the paper manually”.

AIM was officially operated on March this year. The students get many benefits from it. Mela Agustina, one of the users and is taking thesis now admitted that AIM is very helpful for saving the time. Besides, she can access the information about Mathematics Education Department easily. Mela who is a student of academic year 2014 said, “Previously, we should wait for our turn for thesis guidance. We and write our schedule on a piece of paper”.

Mathematics Education Department is trying to develop AIM in order to be able to be accessed through smartphone. Mahfud said, “Now, everything can be accessed by smartphone. That is why we are trying to develop AIM in order to be able to be accessed through smartphone”. (lus)



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