Initiation Lesson Study in Malang, UMM Immediately Holds An International Conference

Author : Humas | Monday, October 10, 2016 13:45 WIB

PATTERN of learning lesson study with collaborative characteristics and community-based learning could increase the quality of education. Starting from Japan, this approach had now practiced in many countries and been helping schools around the world in developing into a learning community.

Presiden Asosiasi Lesson Study Indonesia (ALSI) Sumar Hendayana PhD

Therefore, the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) seeks to continue in developing learning patterns. In the upcoming November 3 to 5, in the UMM would be held An International Conference of Lesson Study (ICLS) presented president of the World Association on Lesson Study (WALS), Wals Prof. Christine Lee PhD, who is also founder of Lesson Study for Learning Community (LSLC), Prof. Manabu Sato, PhD, Minister Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Prof Dr RI Muhadjir Effendy MAP, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Expert, Ryo Suzuki, and President of the Association of Lesson study Indonesia (ALSI), Sumar Hendayana PhD.

UMM FKIP lecturer who was also board ALSI center, Drs Nur Widodo Kes, explained that this was an annual conference which become a means to share experience and practice of lesson study and discussed contemporary issues related to teaching, learning and research on lesson study.

Nur Widodo said UMM had been actively involved in the lesson study since 2011. Today, even three FTTE UMM lecturers, namely Nur Widodo, Dr Roro Eko Susetya Rini MSi and Dra Sri Wahyu MKes, incorporated in one of the international organizations in the field of lesson study, namely Wals. Through Wals, three professors had always been active in international conferences about lesson study.

According to Nur Widodo, there are four main principles in the lesson study. First, learning to be able to fulfill these rights so that nothing is overlooked. Second, learning is like a garden means that anyone can enjoy it and to be open to everyone. Third, student-centered learning. "That is not a teacher noticed his mistake, but how can students understand the lessons properly," said Nur Widodo.

Fourth, he continued, learning must be qualified. The teacher should be a good facilitator so that the student learning process takes place in a meaningful and long-term impact. "With the implementation of lesson study in each school will make the students understand not only the short term, but also long-term," said Nur Widodo, who is also the team's primary founder of the ALSI.

As the initiator of lesson study in Malang, UMM is currently working with the city government of the Rock and a Japanese company engaged in the field of education, Benesse for implementing lesson study in Batu. (Jal / han)



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