Establishing "Aroi", UMM Students Got an Award from Thai Government

Author : Humas | Friday, October 19, 2018 10:14 WIB
Three students of UMM took picture with the General Secretary of Ministry of Education of Satun, Thailand, Somkid Joeychun (center). (Special picture).

Having an internship in Thailand for a month, three students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) got an award as Teacher of the Year from Ministry of Education of Thailand. The award is an appreciation of Thai Government to UMM students as exemplary teachers at Darul Muhmin Satun Primary School, Thailand. It is regarding to their initiation to establish international economic expertise called “Aroi”.

Those three students are Arfi Alfaruq Muhibbillah, a student of English Education department; Syamsul Rijal, a student of civic of law; and Widodo Herlambang, a student of Teacher of Primary School Education department. The General Secretary of Ministry of Education of Satun, Somkid Joeychum, handed the award to them. “Aroi” is the abbreviation of their names, Arfi, Rijal, and Widodo. Aroi in Thai means delicious.

Thursday (18/10), Arfi Alfariq Muhibbillah revealed, “Darul Muhmin students are lack of English knowledge. That’s why, we initiated that everyone who wants to buy something at Aroi must speak English”. No one can speak English in this school. The teachers who teach English there are not from English Education department, that’s why their knowledge in English is very limited.

They never expected to get an award. Arfi told that when he was palying a game using Javanese with his students, Mr. General Secretary saw them. “The school asked us to meet the Secretary of Ministry of Education of Satun. He said, many students had implemented the same program, but ours is the most successful one”.

Not only teaching English, those three students also shared about cultures and Islamic knowledge. Drs. Nurwidodo, M.Kes, the Head of Internship program and Micro Teaching Faculty of Teacher and Education said, “This is a great achievement because it comes from Thai government. We are sure that it had been a long discussion”. Nurwidodo can’t believe that his students got this award. “Our students become role models for Thai teachers. This makes us proud”. (lus)



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