Five Reasons to Choose UMM

Author : Humas | Thursday, January 08, 2015 15:40 WIB

Entering to 2015 University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) exactly opens registration for new student. Based calendar in New Student Admission (PMB), start from 5 January to 10 April opened registration for invitation path. This path is specified for outstanding student both academic and non academic.  

     Tahun lalu, Jalur Undangan memperoleh antusiasme luar biasa dari calon mahasiswa. Setidaknya 4.600 pendaftar mencoba di jalur non-reguler ini walau tidak semuanya diterima. Pilihan mereka di jalur ini dipastikan menjadi pilihan pertama dan utama sebelum memilih kampus lain karena dibuka lebih awal. Ditambah pendaftar di jalur reguler, total pendaftar UMM tahun lalu mencapai hapir 20.000 dari 7.000 calon yang diterima.

What are the reason of student candidate choose UMM? Here are the results of observation and interviews from various source why UMM be the first choice.  

First, UMM has clean campus, beautiful, and comfortable. The movement of Go Green Go Clean in this campus makes study atmosphere very conducive and productive. No wonder UMM also known as Tourism Campus. “The landscape of this campus so unique, as tourism place,” said Tomy, the student of SMK Muhammadiyah Tegal when visited to UMM last time.

Second, the spirit of fastabiqul khairat very felt in UMM. It is seen from a healthy competitive atmosphere so everyone motivated to get achievement but still live in harmony.

Third, studying at UMM means enjoy the facility more than the amount to be paid. Because, UMM succeed explored independent funds to subsidize the operating cost through business units that to be developed. “Business center also as laboratory and build the atmosphere of entrepreneur,” said PR II UMM, Fauzan.   

Fourth, UMM student plurality is so felt. Local and overseas student with various ethnic and religion come together. UMM transformed into the Miniature of Indonesia where pluralism became cultural richness which is priceless.

And, fifth, public recognition for UMM made this campus confident. UMM has international cooperation also holds prestigious predicate, there are Institution Accreditation with A (Excellent) from BAN-PT and “Anugerah Kampus Unggulan (AKU)” since 2008 to 2014 from Kopertis VII.   (nas/t_zuh)



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