This was what must be done to continue to exist in the era of disruption

Author : Humas | Monday, April 29, 2019 12:26 WIB
Graduates. (photo: UMM Public Relations)

Head of Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Totok Suprayitno, Ph. D. On his scientific speech at the 92nd graduation ceremony of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in the second period mentioned the graduates who graduated today should not stop studying after graduation but you have to go back to learning especially in dealing with the phenomenon of uncertainty in this disruption era.

"Now the world is changing, several sectors of work are being abandoned. Therefore, high education graduates are required to learn to look for opportunities in the surrounding environment, "he said, Saturday (4/27). The event was also attended by the Chair of UMM Daily Advisory Board, Prof. H. A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc., and representatives of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board of Research and Development Council, Prof. Dr. H. Sutrisno, M.Ag.

Totok stated that in the era of disruption, many traditional jobs that were manual, repetitive and routine began to be abandoned. In fact, he continued, many universities were preparing graduates to become routine workers. So that now the university must be able to provide provision for its graduates like adaptability, solving solutions, communication, and collaboration.

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"I believe graduates of Muhammadiyah Malang University already have the capacity, skills and character as learners. If today you graduate and tomorrow you stop studying, the day after tomorrow you will become an uneducated human. So, start to learn, "he said in front of 1270 graduates from the Doctoral (S3), Masters (S2), Bachelor (S1), Diploma (D3), and Professional programs.

Meanwhile, Malik Fajar who is also a Member of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Wantimpres) in his speech also proud of UMM's progress. UMM continued to strive to produce a new generation that was strong, intelligent, and able to play a role in the environment of social life, nationality and statehood which was through the dedication and innovation that was born.

On the one hand, UMM Rector, Fauzan said that UMM continued to cling to the UMM slogan, "From Muhammadiyah to the Nation". As an effort to realize this commitment, according to Fauzan, UMM graduates must take a strategic role and spread benefits for the benefit of the community. “Be an extraordinary human being. That is the way to deliver our lives to be useful, "he said. (Win)



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