These are Three Spirits of Muhammadiyah to Advance the Nation According to Haedar Nasir

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 07, 2017 05:24 WIB

The General Chairman of Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Dr. Haedar Nasir MSi delivering his speech about three characteristics to advance the nation on Ramadan study

The General Chairman of Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Dr. Haedar Nasir MSi emphasized, Ramadan is the right media to nurture the three most important characteristics for the diversity of Indonesia. Those three characteristics are muroqobah, rif'ah, and ukhuwah. The muroqobah is a feeling that always closer to God and feel that God is always watching us. "Always do good and be afraid to do bad things. By having this muroqobah within, the leaders of the nation will surely do good things because they won’t be riya ' (riya: when someone does a good thing, he tends to show it to other people in order they know what he has already done)and do not do abusing their power "

The second characteristic is rif'ah or having noble soul. Quoting the hadith of the Prophet, Haedar reveals this rif'ah can be manifested in three things, which are re-linking the relationship with the deciding, justifying what is forbidden to ourselves, and easily forgive or soft-hearted to people who do silly things. "If our nation has this characteristic, I am sure that there will be a peaceful society, wise, and foster togetherness. If there is something that makes us angry,  so this rif’ah will teach us how to become wiser”.

The third is ukhuwah, is a sense of brotherhood that always makes us want to share for others despite of different religions and political choices. This is because we believe that Allah (God) creates humans in order we know each other. “We should be brave to sacrifice for our brothers and sisters in this nation because we all live together here”. That is why, the philanthropy becomes a movement that is activated by Muhammadiyah as the effort to build this nation and to develop many fields for our country through ukhuwah so the people of this nation will live in prosperity.

In this context, on Ramadan study of Regional Leadership of Muhammadiyah of East Java at Hall Dome of UMM, Haedar mentions UMM is one of the prestigious colleges of Muhammadiyah philanthropy in East Java which is an important part in its work to advance the nation.He said, "There are two persons who graduated from this campus, and now they have task to make our nation better intellectually. They are Mr. Malik Fajar and Mr.Muhadjir Effendy”.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Regional Leadership of East Java, Dr Saad Ibrahim MA in his speech said, spirit  of Muhammadiyah to contribute to the progress of the nation manifested in business charity in various fields. In East Java, he continued, Muhammadiyah's charitable efforts included 784 schools, 32 boarding schools, 6 universities and 16 high schools. (lus)



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