UMM Rector Responses to The Action 212

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 01, 2016 05:32 WIB
The Rector of UMM, Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd

Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang responded to 2 Desember Action (212) and asked people to think it clearly about that action (Wednesday, 30/11).

"Some say that action 212 is the way to political plot to strike the government down. But some others do not really pay attention about it. 212 is considered as a kind of demonstration which brings no effect on the stability of the nation. I hope that we are not on these two extremes side” the Rector said.

He continued, there is aquestion mark related to this action whether action has any other charges that were purposely hidden or not. “Moreover, 212 action happens after the police took action on Ahok’s case. Logically, if the main demand of action 411(in order Ahok is sent to jail quickly) is fulfilled,  I wonder if further action will make people people interpret all kinds of mind”

Therefore, Fauzan appreciated President Jokowi came to see people of Islamic organizations such as Muhammadiyah and NU after action 411 happened. “as we all know before, there was a suspense in the society due to Jokowi’s statement about the political actor behind the action 411”

Fauzan also appreciated the mediation between Metro Jaya Police and National Fatwa Guardian Movement (GNFP) MUI related to the action 212. “this is good to break the suspense due to Tito Karnavian’s statement about the possibility of treason in action 212”

Fauzan thought that silaturrahim and mediation will keep the peace, the government and the mass action which has the same vision. "However, that does not mean that politically, they are in the same direction. Mediation which was done can only reduce suspense, not equate political interests “.

Furthermore, Fauzan explained that 212 action is an anomaly. Not because the action itself, but rather a series of phenomena that go with it, which were 14 October and 4 November action. The range of each demonstration within is less than one month, with such a large amount of mass.

Fauzan added,"Moreover, when comparing the sequence of action with a variety of large-scale demonstrations have occurred in Indonesia, including the 1998 Reform, Malari 1974 and Tritura 1966. The three historic demonstration that sparked the economic factor, something that did not happen in the 411 and 212 action,"

Fauzan continued, another anomaly was the movement actor that is not currently involved students. "Although a number of student exponent  movements join the action 411 and 212, they are not the actors but rather become participants and sympathizers only," said Fauzan.

In Fauzan’s opinion, the demand of action 411 and 212 are also very typical. There was no open political tendency because that demonstration was imaged as an act in defending Islam against the blasphemer. It was quite different with 1998 Reform action, Malari 1974 action, and Tritura 1966 action which all openly called far political resistance”

According to Fauzan, a series of large-scale mass action the last two months was a proof that there has been a crisis of leadership of the nation. People were easily directed by opinion leaders rather than by formal leaders.

 “The action in defending Islam has to be a reflection for the government, not only about the demand but also the extent to which people’s trust in their leaders. For Moeslems, the leader should not only have managerial capability and policy making but also he/she has to be good in speech and behaviour because a leader is a role model for society”.

Fauzan concluded that the absence of  dream leader  made people easily disappointed. "The government's task is to manage that disappointment and turn it into hope. The disappointment should not be ignored, so it will not be an ammunition which causes a bigger dissapointment”.(Can / han)



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