This was the Indicator of Millennial Women According to Experts

Author : Humas | Monday, April 01, 2019 12:11 WIB
Dr. Frida Kusumastuti, M.Si. (Holding mic). (Photo: Zaki/PR)

In addition to undergoing activities based on passions and hobbies, the most important indicator to support a millennial woman was to believe in yourself. "How can we convince others, if we are not yet sure about ourselves," said Widaningsih, Owner of the Psychology Bureau of Sinergy Psycho Malang at the seminar "Gender Equality in the Millennial Era" which took place on Saturday (3/30) at UMM.

Not only that, on the same occasion, the lecturer at the UMM Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Dr. Frida Kusumastuti, M.Sc. UMM invited women to prioritize creative thinking. This is so that the woman's gait also does not lose to men. "This applies to all types of work and activities," She said in front of dozens of students.

Frida continued, there were at least three indicators to assess that someone had a creative thinking competence or not based on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT). First, fluency in response to a command or question. Second, flexibility or response that can adjust to questions or think convergent and had many alternative responses.

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"And the last one is a novelty. If the three indicators in testing creative thinking competence are high, then the creative thinking score is also high and problem-solving or the ability to solve a problem is also high. Even though, between men and women must support each other. This is what is called gender relations.

"We want to give a view on the stigma in which women are often underestimated. Because women do not only take care of home affairs but can take care of other things such as the male routine. I think this theme is appropriate to represent this millennial era because women deserve to move according to their respective passions, "said Nata Renaldi as Chairperson.

The event presented experts to comment on the women's work in the millennial era itself in commemoration of International Woman's Day which fell on March 8, Mr. and Miss UMM of Student Activity Unit (UKM) which took place at the AR Mosque Hall. Fachrudin UMM 1st Floor. Also became a panellist, Juwita Hayyuning P., S.IP, M.IP. UB Political Science lecturer. (Win)



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