The Way UMM Greets the Millenial Generation

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 04, 2018 18:27 WIB

A video on the link is viral. The Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan, wearing a white shirt and black pants was seen standing on the aircraft hangars. Shortly, a call came in and informed that the students participating in the Introduction to New Student Study (Pesmaba) were ready. Fauzan immediately headed for a glider airplane with a Hercules aircraft background.

After completing the communication and other aviation equipment, Fauzan took off to Campus III UMM and landed on the stadium next to GKB IV. After tidied up and wearing a black suit, he walked to UMM Dome where the new students (Maba) were waiting.

The above scene was recorded in a Rector’s arrival video. It was specifically designed to welcome UMM 2018 new students. After the video was played, Fauzan then came in UMM Dome Hall through Gate A with a Member of the Steering Board of Ideology Pancasila Development Agency, Mahfud MD, Chairman of UMM Daily Supervisory Board, Malik Fadjar, and Rector Officials. Their arrival was greeted by the new students hysterically.

UMM Rector conveyed, this video is one of white campus efforts packed in a special concept to get closer psychologically with the new students who are generation Y or millennials.

"This is specifically for the new students, however they are millennial generation," said Fauzan, Tuesday (4/9).

Providing his best performance, Fauzan did not use a stuntman. Therefore, this man who was born in Kediri claimed to have been excited because it was the first time he boarded a plane with the capacity of two persons.

"I boarded the plane, even though it was trembling," he said and laughed.

The student orientation period usually becomes a worrying thing because it is familiar with hazing, but it is different in UMM. Not only full of inspiration because it brought some leaders of the nation, the Pesmaba event was also filled by youth typical euphoria.

Previously, the nationalism spirit of 7,500 new students succeeded in forming the Red Mob with seven nationalism-themed formations and concern for the Lombok earthquake. The formation is Red-white, KH Ahmad Dahlan, UMM Logo, Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow, Indonesia Map and Pray for Lombok. This formation is a special work of the conceptual lecturer of the Communication Science Study Program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UMM, Jamroji.

Describing the 2018 concept of the New Student program, Fauzan said that there were not many things that changed. The difference is that there is anincrease in passing grade this year.

"The difference is the qualification. This year, we are able to increase the acceptance of passing grade of each department. This is a good symptom related to input. So we can't play games because in the input side we are in a quality level, " said Fauzan. (ard)



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