5 Qualifications of Lecturers in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 According to Legislative Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Author : Humas | Wednesday, December 19, 2018 16:13 WIB
 The house people's representatives, work partners, and the university leaders in Malang. (Picture by: Aan / UMM PR)

The educator profession is very competitive in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0. In this era, Lecturers have to be good both in competency and research. As stated by Ridwan Hisjam, the vice chairman of the house of people’s representative of the Republic of Indonesia commission VII on work visit at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang on Wednesdays  (19/12), saying “In Indonesia, lecturers are still dominated by baby boomers and X generation which are digital immigrants. Meanwhile, the students are millennial generations or digital native.” So, as stated by Ridwan, there are five qualifications and competition that lecturers need to require in industrial revolution era 4.0.

First is educational competence, competency-based Internet of Thing as the basic skill in this era. Second is competence in research, refers to the competence which creates a relation to growing up the knowledge, the aim of the research, and skilled to get grant international. “Lecturers must have the competency to bring group and student at University for commercialization through technology by conducting research,” he explained in front of rectors and leaders of Universities in Malang.  Fourth is competence in globalization which is a world without a partition. Lecturers are required not to be blind about various cultures of hybrid competency, namely global competence and excellence in solving national problems. The last is competence in future strategies. The world easily changes and runs fast. "So that you need to predict precisely what will happen in the future and find the right strategy," he said.

Ridwan continued, various efforts could be carried out such as joint-lecture, joint-research, joint publication, joint-lab, staff mobility and rotation, understanding the direction of SDG's and industry, and so forth. (Win)



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