The Industry of Tobacco Attracts ACISIS UMM Student Researchers

Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 21, 2015 15:44 WIB
ACICIS UMM student, Sally Swinnen, were explaining the development of her research of the tobacco industry in Jember.

Three students of the 41th class of Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACISIS) program of University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) explained their progress report of their research for three months in Malang. The three of them are Sally Swinnen, Cameron Whittred, and Janelle Falconer. The themes of their researches are interesting as follows: tobacco industry, tourism development, and global warming.

Sally, the student conducting the research of the industry of tobacco at Kalisat, Jember, had come in person to find out the opinion of the farmers and businessman of the tobacco industry about the ratification of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). ”If Indonesia ratificate this regulation, the industry and the farmers will get the impact directly,” she said.

Cameron, on the other hand, conducted a research of global warming. She chose this theme to find out what causes the gas of greenhouse high in Indonesia. “The climate change in Indonesia not only implicates on the enviroment but also the development,” as said by Cam in her presentation.

Meanwhile, Janelle conducted a research of the role of tourims in local community. She focussed on the people of Sendang Biru Beach community. “In this study, I want to try to explore the tourism practice and measure the ecological implementation of the sustainable development principals in that area,” Janelle asserted.

The progress report of these three Australian students were reported in the Progress Report ACICIS UMM held in room of 611 of GKB I UMM at Wednesday 21 October, 2015. On the incoming 7th December, meanwhile, these three students are to take part on the final report to find out the final result of their researches.

The Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of UMM, Dr. Asep Nurjaman, M.Si, expects that their knowledge of Indonesia and, especially, East Java will get broaden through these research. “I also pray for their success in their research process until their final report later,” as said by Asep in his speech. (zul/han/t_rfd)


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