Indonesia Amid Proxy War Threat, This is what the UMM Experts said

Author : Humas | Friday, December 28, 2018 15:10 WIB
Korem Commander 083 Baladhika Jaya Kol. Inf. Bagus Suryadi. (Picture: Aan / PR)

The threat of involvement of external actors to make Indonesia as an arena for fighting interests, both economic, political, and safety, becomes a matter that needs attention especially in the political year and the 2019 election.

The availability of safety threats from the interests of major countries and the provocation and fighting of certain groups has become a prominent issue. The impact is potentially to divide and threaten the nation's unity and unity.

Responding to this, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) International Relations Department (HI), International Relations Study Laboratory, Global Security Study Community and Terrorism (K3GT) of HI UMM held a year-end reflection with the theme of End of Year Reflection: From UMM to the Nation.

The event brought the theme "Indonesia in the Threat of Proxy War (Multi-Perspective Analysis)". It was Attended by various experts, civil authorities, military and police, and around 200 students. The event took place at the 9th GKB IV Campus III UMM Hall, Thursday (12/27).

UMM Vice Rector II Dr. Nazaruddin Malik, M.Sc. in his view asserted that in facing the threat of proxy war, Indonesia must strengthen the economic and production sectors. "In addition, it must also narrow economic inequality by equalizing where development is not only focused on Java," he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Dean of FISIP Dr. Rinikso Kartono, M.Sc. who is also an expert in health security, Indonesia in the future will face the threat of children stunting and baby fat that one of them as a result of the lifestyle of today's children who prefer to eat fast food.

Korem Commander 083 Baladhika Jaya Kol. Inf. Bagus Suryadi, who was also present expressed his views. According to him, Indonesia is currently in a very vulnerable condition.

"We cannot stand by seeing what the countries around us do because every country has an interest. "Foreign intervention will never provide benefits, as happened in the Middle East," he said.

According to him, what must be done is to fortify all Indonesian citizens so that they have the power to oppose the interests of external parties.

The experts expressed their views regarding contemporary security issues including food security and agriculture, health security, environmental issues, national politics and security, cyber media and technology, and issues of Islam and terrorism from various scientific perspectives.

In addition, the Declaration of the Indonesian Anti-Adu Domba Movement (#Geraiduda) was also held as a form of commitment of UMM academics to all attempts to provoke and fight to divide the nation's unity.

The Head of HI Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang M. Syaprin Zahidi, MA said that this event was an annual agenda which was intended to show the real contribution of HI UMM to the nation. This is also to make HI UMM a centre of excellence in contemporary HI studies in Indonesia. (Win)



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