The Beauty of East Java Within UMM Foreign Student Photography.

Author : Humas | Friday, May 19, 2017 17:58 WIB
A visitor looking at the seleceted photos that displayed on the street.

FOR foreign students, life portrait of cities in Indonesia were so beautiful. Community activities on the street like traders and natural beauty such as mountains, beaches, and waterfalls, and hospitality of local residents caused  a high curiosity.

Starting from that curiosites, the foreign students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a photo exhibition titled East Java Through the Eyes of Foreigners (Jawa Timur di Mata Orang Asing).  As many as 25 photos were displayed at the canteen of 3.5 floor in Joint Lecture Building (GKB) I from May 17 to 20. These twenty-five photos were selected photos from 50 photos that received by the curator. All of it were taken by 11 foreign students who have been studying at UMM.

When Asked regarding to the Indonesian culture, Albina Gaisina, a foreign student from Russia considered that culture was very important. Culture was not only about the traditions that exist in the community, but also the activities in corners of the village that has differencies in each region. "Culture will show us the development of a country. And photography is an important part in documenting this development," he said among the displayed photos event.

Photos curator and and the Lecturer of UMM Communication Science Department, Rahadi said that there were some things that became a references for deserved photos on the event, namely the suitability of themes, coloring, compositions, and angles. There were 3 photo themes on the displyaed photo, namely portraid, landscape, and street life. From the photos that shown, Rahadi admitted that it was beyond expectations. "They are foreigners who travel all over East Java. With the lack of Indonesian language, but the photos produced beyond my expectations, " he said proudly.

In addition to exhibiting at UMM, these photos will also be displayed  in Ijen Car Free Day street on Sunday, May 21, in front of Ijen Church. From 25 photos that shown, there were 3 best  photos chosen by  curator will be taken.  All threes  would get rewards a publications in the national online media.

To produce dozens of these photos, it took almost 2 months for Albina and 10 other foreign students taking pictures at various areas in East Java to prepare the exhibition. The Student  who also work as a financial analyst in his country was also the initiator of this exhibition.

"In Indonesia, you see a motorcycle ridden by 3 to 4 people may be a common thing, but for us people abroad, this is a new and interesting. We want to see Indonesia and East Java as a foreigners. We also want Indonesian people to see our point of view in seeing Indonesia. Not just looking at us as foreigners. We have so much opinion about Indonesian's culture, "he said enthusiastically. (Ich / han/naz)



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